Simple Vanity Ideas to Boost Your Self Image

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, check out this good-looking doll! July 3 is compliment your mirror day, which means it’s time to give that reflection some love.

Too often mirrors are used to alter instead of appreciate ourselves. But tomorrow, it’s all about boosting confidence through self-compliments. Sit at your vanity, look at your reflection and say: “My, what beautiful eyes you have. And that smile? Simply radiant. I’d take you out for dinner anytime.”

Make this kind of positivity a regular practice.

We’re not saying you should spend the rest of your days in front of your vanity until you fall in love with your reflection and cease eating or sleeping just to gaze upon your exquisite self. What we are saying is that a healthy self-image is crucial to mental and physical wellbeing.

To help make self-acceptance a daily habit, we’re sharing two vanity ideas that perfectly combine uplifting style and functionality.

Boost Your Self Image With These Vanity Ideas

Just like your favorite gym outfit boosts your workout confidence, creating a vanity that you love can help you love yourself. Below, we share two refreshing vanity ideas and explain the importance of our décor choices.

The first is a bright, clean vanity desk. We set one of our chic mirrors ($20, in store) on top of this Ashley Langlor desk for a DIY vanity.

For our second vanity look, we decorated a stylish standing mirror. What better way to start your morning than on your feet? We also included a gray, Presidential Seating desk chair for those who prefer to stay seated while primping.

In our décor, we wanted to showcase items that promote a balance of style and wellbeing. When setting up your own vanity, be intentional in the items you showcase, too. For example…

  • Table tray: Yes, you could go buy the typical plastic vanity organizer. But, where’s the fun in that? An upscale tray adds a more mature look and feel to any vanity. Plus, it’s a great reminder to keep your makeup to a minimum—just what can fit in the tray—and embrace your own natural beauty.
  • Lighting: Lighting has a huge impact on your appearance. Make sure you’re seeing yourself in a good light by adding a table lamp (like our textured glass Stylecraft lamp), stringing lights around your mirror or setting your vanity between two windows for natural sunlight. This will eliminate unflattering shadows, making a positive self-image even easier to achieve.
  • Inspirational wall art: Keep your mood up by decorating with inspirational wall art. Whether displaying your favorite colors or a meaningful quote, decorate with pieces that you love. You can also hang personal photos of your greatest accomplishments, most enjoyable vacations and favorite memories with loved ones.
  • Greenery: Many experts claim that plants improve mood and mental health, so we included greenery in each of our vanity ideas. Start your day off on a positive note by including flowers or succulents on your vanity. If you’re interested in growing your own, get started by reading our container gardening guide.

More Home Styling Tips

Now that you have a few vanity ideas, why not update other rooms in your home, too? After all, an organized and well-styled home can have a huge impact on your daily happiness. Start by reading these coffee table styling tips or check out our guide on How to Style a Bookcase. Do you have some helpful styling tips of your own? Share with us on Twitter or Facebook!

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