Halloween DIY: Make These Ghostly Mason Jar Lanterns

Halloween DIY

Light up your front porch with this easy Halloween DIY craft. Mason jar lanterns are a quick (and cheap) afternoon project that will add spooky style to any Halloween display.

They give you plenty of room for personalization, too. Choose a fun phrase for your jars, like “beware” or “trick or treat.” Then, add a personal touch with faux spider webs, glittery gold ribbon or your favorite color of paint. The great thing about DIY-ing is that you have creative freedom. Scroll down to learn how to add ghoulish glamor to your home with these boo-tiful Halloween lanterns! Sorry, we couldn’t resist.

If you’re not so much of a do-it-yourself person, we have plenty of pre-made décor in our Rustic Fall and Winter Marketplace, from gold-topped acorns to rustic lanterns. You can plan a last-minute shopping trip for festive decorations during our upcoming, free Trick-or-Treat Night.

Halloween DIY: Mason Jar Lanterns

To create these ghostly beauties, first stick vinyl letters on each Mason jar. Press each letter firmly against a jar, being careful to avoid folds or creases.

Halloween DIY

Next, cover your working area with newspaper or cardboard. Spray a thin layer of frosted glass finish on each jar, covering every side. We used a clear finish and applied two coats. White is also a great choice, but you can use whatever color you want. Give the finish about an hour to thoroughly dry.

When you’re sure it’s dry, slowly peel off the vinyl lettering. It should leave a clear, clean letter outline on each Mason jar.

Halloween DIY

Last, add Halloween décor to each Mason jar. You can use any decorations your haunted heart desires. We glued ribbons around the tops and added a plastic spider to one jar. Place your lighting into each jar and sit back to enjoy the ghoulish glow.

Halloween DIY

Supplies You’ll Need:
• Mason jars
• 2” Vinyl letters
• Frosted glass finish
• Newspaper or cardboard (to cover your table while spray painting)
• Twine or ribbon – optional
• Halloween accessories – optional
• Hot glue (for Halloween accessories)
• Flameless tea lights or fairy lights
• Scissors

Halloween DIY

1. Place the vinyl letters on each Mason jar. Make sure you press each letter flat against the glass so that your finished product has clean edges.
2. Spray the frosted glass finish on each Mason jar, about 10-12 inches away from the jar. Apply the finish all the way around, and let it dry completely.
3. Slowly peel off the vinyl letters to reveal clear glass outlines. Then, tie ribbon around the top, and decorate the jars to your own liking.
4. Fill each Mason jar with fairy lights or tea candles

Let’s See Your Halloween DIYs!

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This post was inspired by Penny Pinchin’ Mom.

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