#HouseGoals: 3 Smart Changes Grown-up Homeowners Make

Big Homeowner Changes

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You are constantly evolving as a homeowner. In fact, changes are a way of life. You may not have had kids or pets when you moved into your home or you may no longer like the bright yellow couch that (you thought) was super trendy 10 years ago. Maybe you’re tired of buying inexpensive furniture only to have to replace it every couple of years when it falls apart. But now your family may be growing or maybe you’re just tired of mismatched furniture. It’s time to graduate from new homeowner to a homeowner with an established style.

So you added a pet or two (or three) to the family…

There’s no doubt our furry friends can be important members of the family, but they can also be the messiest. We love you Fido, but that doesn’t mean you get to tear up the couch! You can pet-proof your house while staying true to your design style.

Best Chair Treynor Leather Sofa
  • If you are buying a new couch, choose an upholstery that will minimize the appearance of pet hair and scratches. You can easily wipe down or buff out scratches from leather (especially distressed leather), suede and microfiber. Cats love to sharpen their claws and dogs tend to forget they have muddy paws before they jump on the couch, so avoid materials like linen, silk or wool.
  • If slipcovers are too old-school for you, stock up on durable throw blankets you can put on every sofa in the house and easily throw in the washing machine. You can choose blankets with fun patterns in colors that match your pets to minimize the appearance of pet hair.
  • No matter where you put the fragile keepsakes you own, pets always seem to find a way to break something. Clear breakables from open surfaces by storing them in a china cabinet or hutch. You can still see your knickknacks but they’re out of the way of curious animals.

If your family has grown in other ways, check out our post on creating a stylish, child-friendly home.

Oh no! You don’t like the style you decorated in when you first bought the house.

Perhaps you decorated every room in your new house in eclectic bohemian style when you first moved in…years ago. Now you’re tired of it and crave clean lines and a more transitional style. So how do you start changing your style without starting completely from scratch?

Transitional Dining Set
  • Start with accent furniture and accessories. Switch out colorful accent pillows, blankets and rugs for ones in neutral colors. Add ottomans and accent tables to your living space that match a more minimal style. Wall art can make huge difference in the feel of a room. Pick art that reflects your new style. Think timeless pieces, understated colors and subtle detail.
  • If you’re ready to change out the main pieces of furniture, start in the room you spend the most time in. If you entertain a lot in your dining room and want a modern look, search for a set with clean lines, subtle detail and neutral colors. If the whole family hangs out in the living room and needs a more casual space, change out your colorful couch for a wide, leather sofa and recliner.
  • Remember, changing styles doesn’t mean you have to throw out furniture! Move pieces down to the rec room in the basement, pass them on to kids who moved out, sell pieces to cover some of the cost of buying new furniture or donate to charity.

Are you ready to add investment pieces that will last a lifetime?

When you left apartment living behind for your first house, you may not have left behind some of your older furniture. I don’t mean antique pieces your parents may have passed down to you, but the 15-year old futon from college you’ve been keeping in the basement? Time to go! You can add investment pieces to your home one by one. Keep in mind this is furniture you plan to have for years, if not a lifetime, so choose styles and colors that are timeless or at least a style you know you will always like. Ask yourself ‘Will I like this color/style/design in five years? What about in 10 or 15 years?’

Aspen Centennial Oak Executive Desk
  • If you haven’t already invested in a sturdy sofa that will stand the test of time (and kids) then that’s a no-brainer. Unless you are sure you will love a bright, colorful sofa forever, pick something in a neutral color with simple design.
  • A home office is not always at the top of everyone’s list when planning to buy investment furniture but so many people work at home these days. A sturdy desk with enough working space for a computer, files and other storage is essential while a comfortable office chair can make all the difference in your productivity.
  • Buffets, servers, hutches and other storage and display cabinets are timeless. They offer extra space for storing and displaying family pieces like china, crystal, glassware and knickknacks. These pieces don’t just have to be in the dining room. Decorate the top of a buffet with a table runner and a vase of flowers and put it in the living room. A hutch and credenza combination can double as storage in a home office.

What changes have you made as a homeowner? Let us know and share your own tips on Facebook!

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