5 Ways to be Kind on World Kindness Day

How to Celebrate World Kindndess Day

Forget every other holiday you celebrate because World Kindness Day is the only day that matters (except maybe National Relaxation Day.)

On November 13, people around the world will participate in the day that celebrates making connections with the people around us. Created in 1998 by members of the World Kindness Movement, the day was set aside to encourage acts of kindness that overcome boundaries.

Being kind isn’t just good for others; did you know being kind is also good for your health? According to a study from researchers at Johns Hopkins University, people who supported and encouraged the people around them had lower blood pressure and less stress than people who did not. Consider the health benefits an added bonus (but unfortunately it does not count as a workout).

Here are five easy ways you can participate in World Kindness Day:

How to Celebrate World Kindness Day

1. Celebrate the people around you. When was the last time you told a coworker he or she did a good job? Have you complimented your mom’s cooking lately? Take the time to acknowledge the people you see every day, such as your bus driver, the janitor in your office or the person behind the register at the coffee shop. It can be easy to take the people we see all the time for granted and forget to thank them or acknowledge the successes in their lives.

2. Work small gestures of consideration into everything you do. Your act of kindness can be as small as complimenting a stranger or replacing the paper towels in the office bathroom. Drop some quarters into someone’s parking meter if it’s about to expire. Small gestures show you are paying attention to the world around you and understand how even the smallest acknowledgments can positively impact someone.

3. Make a huge difference in someone’s life with a big act of kindness. Ask your elderly neighbor if you can help with yardwork or picking up groceries. Offer your babysitting services for free to a parent who needs a night off. Pay it forward for someone in line behind you at the grocery store.

Offer to help an elderly neighbor with yardwork or groceries.
Photo used with permission from Mark Adkins

4. Show kindness to your community. You can help the largest number of people by putting time and resources back into the areas of your community that need it most. There are so many ways to do this: volunteer at a homeless shelter, donate to a food pantry, spend time with patients at a hospital, join the volunteers at an animal shelter or help out in a community garden.

Show kindness in your community by volunteering with a local service organization.
Photo used with permission from Andrea Booher

5. Don’t forget to show some kindness to yourself! Build some “me time” into your day and do whatever makes you happy; whether it’s relaxing on the couch, spending time with family or friends or being outdoors. A really easy way to be kind to yourself is to stop by Homemaker’s for one of our fresh-baked cookies and a cup of coffee!

World Kindness Day: relax

Take some “me time” to relax or spend time with friends!
Photo used with permission from Andrey

How are you celebrating World Kindness Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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