How to Host Your First Friendsgiving


So, you’re thinking about hosting your first friendsgiving this year. Well, buckle up because this isn’t your granny’s Thanksgiving. This is friendsgiving! It’s a time to kick back and spend quality time with your honorary “family” in a fun, laid back environment. Some festive cocktails are optional, but highly recommended!

To properly show how to host a friendsgiving, we teamed up with one of our visual designers, Brandon Roush. Below, he shares décor advice, nametag ideas and tips on preparing for your first friendsgiving.

How to Prepare for Hosting a Friendsgiving

Send out Real Invites

A couple weeks before hosting your friendsgiving, Brandon suggests you send out cute invites via Facebook or—even better—through the mail.

“I try to avoid texting invitations. We all love getting mail that is not bills. So, make someone feel special by sending out an actual invite.”

Even after you’ve counted up your RSVPs, make sure you have extra seating on-hand. Stackable barstools or a spare dining bench are the perfect last-minute seating for that unexpected plus one.

Plan the Meal

When it comes to the actual event planning, Brandon says to prepare as much as possible beforehand. Then, you’ll be able to focus on your friends come friendsgiving day. “This is supposed to be laid back and fun. So, relax and have a good time!”

Avoid any stress on the day-of by planning the meal ahead of time and delegating side dishes to each of your friends. “I would tell my guests to bring something they love to share, whether it be their favorite wine, dish or dessert,” says Brandon.

  • Friendsgiving

  • Friendsgiving


Include Festive Décor and Place Cards

When it comes to table setting, feel free to arrange everything a day or two before your event. Friendsgiving only comes once a year, after all. Don’t miss an opportunity to wow your friends with your mad decorating skills.

“My table décor is filled with things I love about the fall. I have pumpkins, leaves and candles. I even made special pumpkin place cards for my guests. These are great because they double-duty as a small gift to your guests and they also send the message that you care about your friends.”


Silence Your Cell Phones

When everyone has filled their plates and found their places, make a friendly reminder to put cell phones away while enjoying one another’s company…after everyone’s done Instagramming the savory spread, of course. Brandon says, “my biggest pet peeve is being in a group and 90% of them are on their cell phones.”

You can avoid this by starting a phone stack. Place all your phones on top of one another in a single phone tower. Then, the first person that can’t resist reaching for their phone is in charge of washing the dishes or paying the check the next time you all eat out.

  • Friendsgiving

  • Friendsgiving


Have Fun After the Meal

After everyone’s had their fill, keep the party going with some games. “I LOVE board games and card games,” says Brandon. “Ask your friends to bring their favorite games, and have board games and cards on-hand to keep the gang entertained after dinner.”

In a pinch, you can even download the Jackbox Games party pack and play using your phones or tablets. Quiplash is sure to bring about some laughs.

How are You Doing Friendsgiving?

Do you have experience in the friendsgiving area? We’d love to see photos from both our friendsgiving experts and first-timers. Use the sharing icons below to show off your spread!

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