How to Beat the Winter Blues in Your Home

How to fight the winter blues in your home

When winter first starts, it’s the most wonderful time of year. But after the festivities are over, winter can seem to drag on forever. The colder weather and shorter days can give you less energy, more boredom and a downturn in mood. You can blame this all on the winter blues.

Also known as seasonal affective disorder (or S.A.D.), the winter blues can cause some serious negative vibes. Luckily, we have helpful tips on beating them. Wake up refreshed. Come home happy. Use the eight simple tips below to fight the winter blues in your home for good.

8 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues at Home

1. Choose bright, cheery colors

Switch out your home décor: Give your home a mini-makeover by switching out your décor. A brightly colored area rug, like the one pictured below, is the perfect infusion of energy for your space.

Find a new color palette: Speaking of color, your home’s color palette might be perpetuating your winter blues. Explore Pantone’s spring palette to add light, happy hues to your home’s color scheme. A pop of Primrose Yellow is sure to create a cheery look and feel.

Beat the winter blues

2. Exercise

We all know that exercising boosts endorphins—your body’s natural “feel good” chemicals. However, winter weather is one of the top excuses people use to skip the gym, causing them to lose out on all those amazing mood-boosters. Luckily, we found a collection of sweat-inducing, online workouts that you can do at home! Choose from equipment-free workouts or opt for challenges that use furniture around the house, like a desk chair routine.

3. Eat well

Try new recipes: Get adventurous in the kitchen and try some new recipes. Winter is a great time to explore new eats and expand your culinary skills. Plus, there are crockpot recipes galore this time of year!

Eat the right foods: According to Web MD, there are certain foods that can boost your mood. A heart-healthy diet full of foods like fruits, veggies, fish and some dark chocolate can help lower depression and increase antioxidants in your body.

Beat the winter blues

4. Treat Yourself Each Morning

Wake up earlier: Waking up ten minutes earlier gives you time to sit down and enjoy your coffee, read a chapter of a good book or do some morning stretches. You’ll feel less rushed and have some “me time” to look forward to each morning.

Listen to happy music: Set your phone alarm to one of your favorite tunes for positive morning vibes. Or, stream an upbeat playlist to boost your mood while you’re getting ready.

5. Light Up Your Space

Lamps on lamps: One of the most effective ways to beat the winter blues is good lighting. Lighten up with stylish table and floor lamps. Just because sunlight is scarce doesn’t mean you can’t have a bright and cheery home each day.

Open your curtains: In the winter months, it’s important to enjoy as much natural light as possible. Open your curtains to let in the sun, no matter how short a time it’s out.

Invest in an electric fireplace: Not only do electric fireplaces give off an inviting glow, they also act as a chic space heater. Snuggle up next to the flickering flames for a warm and cozy spot to unwind.

beat the winter blues

6. Get Outdoors

Beat the winter blues by getting out and enjoying a fun, winter activity! The air may be cold, but the benefits of being unplugged outdoors far outweigh the temporary chill. Need outdoor activity ideas? Check out our list of 27 Exciting Things to Do in Des Moines This Winter.

7. Take up a Home Project

Follow-through on home resolutions: Whether it’s organizing the garage or picking new paint colors, follow through on your home resolutions this year. We created a list of common home resolutions and tips on achieving them. Staying busy with a project is a great way to beat the winter blues, especially when you feel that sense of accomplishment after a job well done.

Discover your design style: Is your resolution to find your design style? We have comprehensive interior design guides to help you discover your style and find ways to can incorporate it into your home.

8. Add Plants or Flowers

Having flowers or greenery in your home has been proven to improve mood and mental health. Bringing nature indoors adds life and reinvigorates any space. Try your hand at container gardening this season, or go faux with our realistic collection of potted home décor.

beat the winter blues

How Do You Beat The Winter Blues?

Do you have any more tips on fighting winter blues? Share your helpful home ideas and tips by using the social sharing icons below!

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