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Contemporary Interior Design

[Updated 12/14/2018]

You love clean lines and deconstructed shapes. Your favorite palette is full of neutrals, with a pop of color when you’re feeling adventurous. On a typical weekend, we might find you perusing a modern art museum or browsing your favorite design blogs (thanks for making us one of them!) You are a contemporary design lover.
Repelled by antique furniture, you strive to create a home that’s open, airy and light. You see contemporary design as more of a minimalist lifestyle than a style choice. You would describe your home as…

Words to Describe Contemporary Interior Design

  • Clean
  • Unadorned
  • Sleek
  • Minimalist
  • Deconstructed
  • Trendy
  • Simple
  • Open

Contemporary style is rooted in the moment. It refers to anything being produced in present day and is a constantly updating, forward-thinking design. Currently, contemporary interior design includes clean lines, unadorned pieces, organic accents and minimalist staging.

Contemporary Bedroom: Modus Furniture Nevis Bedroom Set

The contemporary bedroom above embraces neutral colors and clean silhouettes. It doesn’t concern itself with garish accents. Instead, the room reflects the minimalist, deconstructed look of today’s “less is more” contemporary design.

Famous Contemporary Spaces

  • Frank Lloyd Wright houses
  • Tom Brady and Gisele Bündechen’s New York apartment
  • Tony Stark’s home from Iron Man
  • Modern art museums
  • Harvey Specter’s office from Suits
  • Ricky Martin’s Beverly Hills home

All the spaces above are stunning examples of contemporary style. They showcase clean, open spaces that embrace the beauty of simplicity. One of our favorite rooms for contemporary style is the home office. In today’s day and age, it’s becoming more and more realistic to have a paper-free office. That means more open space, which results in a cleaner, more contemporary look. We’re also big fans of today’s high-tech furniture, like the charging desk we featured in our Smart Furniture blog post.

Contemporary Home Office: Ashley Baraga Desk

Contemporary Style Details

  • Simple patterns
  • Smart furniture
  • Smooth silhouettes
  • Neutral palettes (with pops of color)
  • Minimal décor
  • Clean lines
  • Organic accents
Contemporary Dining Room: Loloi Viera Rug

The key to contemporary design is simplicity: simple shapes, simple décor and simple patterns. Lately, we’ve seen a resurgence of farmhouse dining tables in contemporary design because of their simple silhouettes and natural wood construction. In the dining room above, the farmhouse table was paired with mid-century chairs, a bold rug and high-contrast wall art to bring it into present day’s contemporary style.

Another key aspect of contemporary living spaces is a calm and (mostly) neutral color palette. The room below, for example, uses very natural grays and browns, but adds a pop of color with the zesty, green accents.

Contemporary Living Room: Sauder Soft Modern Coffee Table

 Momeni Baja Rug (similar)

Contemporary Design Video

Show Us Your Contemporary Style!

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If you’re looking for more style inspiration, check out our entire Interior Design Styles 101 blog series. We cover everything from traditional to casual design!

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