Hm Stylist Spotlight: Behind the Scenes with Nicole Simmons

Homemakers Stylist Spotlight: Home Ideas Design from Nicole Simmons

We love your style. That’s right, we’re talking to you! While we love showing off the newest furniture and styles on our showroom floor, we also enjoy seeing how customers like you are using our pieces for your own home design ideas. Today, we’re sharing an inside look at the style expertise of Homemakers shopper Nicole Simmons. Does her name sound familiar? You may recognize her from our Insta-Stylists to Watch in 2017 post, where we shared her setup for a shared boys’ bedroom.

As you can tell, Nicole’s style speaks for itself. But, we wanted to get to know the personality behind the work. Nicole not only works as an interior designer, but also helps people choose the perfect furnishings for a new home. Below, we asked Nicole about her job, home necessities and how she finds the perfect pieces when shopping at Homemakers. Keep scrolling to get to know Nicole and hear her home design ideas and tips!

Homemakers modern living room by Nicole Simmons

Hm Insider: Get to Know Nicole Simmons

Hm: How do you find inspiration?

Nicole: “Social media, home shows, blogs, catalogs, you name it, are all at everyone’s fingertips and are great resources. I tend to also draw inspiration from a fabric and textile. I can be drawn to a great print and want to build a whole room around it. My personal home style has lots of pattern and fabric mixing…and color…I can’t live without either. It makes me happy.”

Hm: How do you choose the perfect pieces when shopping at Homemakers?

Nicole: “In all, Homemakers’ large selection and showroom puts it on the top of my list when I need to design for an entire house or for a single accent chair.  I’m never disappointed.” Nicole says that when she stops by Homemakers, she starts with the most important piece. “It could be a couch or it could be the dining table…either way, we find it and then I build everything else around it.”

“Homemakers makes my job easy. We can start in the living room, customize it, and then move on to the bedrooms, dining, office, etc.  The showroom allows us to see and touch all the pieces. I can physically show clients how textures and fabrics go together. I’ve been known to ask employees to move a chair next to a couch, and then I’ll throw in a rug and style the couch with pillows. I literally piece a room together in the moment.”

Homemakers living room by Nicole Simmons

Hm: Is there a home necessity that you think everyone should have?

Nicole: “A tall plant…or two. I don’t even care if it’s real (as long as it looks real), a tall fig, tree-like plant is great way to fill corners and add life to a space. A natural touch always warms up a room. I personally love a plant called ‘mother in law’s tongue’.”

“OH! And good lighting! Can I list two necessities?”

“Nothing will date your home more than if the lighting is old and out of date. Lighting can be a relatively inexpensive way to dress up a space. It’s like the jewelry added to a great outfit.”

Homemakers dining room by Nicole Simmons

Hm: How did you get started in your career?

Nicole: “I remember as a kid my mom would let my sister and I switch rooms (on more than one occasion) and we’d re-decorate our ‘new space.’  Even though we didn’t buy anything new, it was always fun to be creative and to change things up. That feeling never really changed as an adult.”

Hm: What do you most like about your job?

Nicole: “The reveal! It’s when all my planning and hard work pays off.” Nicole says that when she is helping someone furnish their home, she loves learning about how they want to live, not only functionally, but also how they envision ‘home.’

“It makes my heart happy when they tell me they love coming home, they love being home and they love having guests over to enjoy it as much as they do.”

Homemakers transitional living room by Nicole Simmons

Hm: What is the most challenging part of your job?

Nicole: “Some projects require contractors and subcontractors. Then, you add in my job and a client’s opinion…and welp,  there can be too many cooks in the kitchen. My role is to make sure everyone is on the same page. It requires lots of communication.”

“Also, noisy neighbors.” Nicole says that she always warns about sharing too much information about home projects. “People will come out of the woodworks to give their opinion! That’s not always a good idea.”

Hm: What mistake do you see most often it home design?

Nicole: “A ‘catalog home.’ When you buy the whole page, so to speak. There’s nothing personal about it and I find that most items are a trend that will soon fall to the wayside.”

Hm: What do you think makes a happy home?

Nicole: “Collected and sentimental items are important to happiness. There should be pieces that have a story amongst the more intentional pieces.  A happy home is one that’s enjoyed where nothing is too precious.”

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Note: All photos and quotes were used with permission.

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