A Step-By-Step Guide to Hosting Your Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

How to Host an Anti-Valentine's Day Party

Is there any other holiday that elicits such strong feelings as Valentine’s Day? Most people seem to fall very firmly on either the heart-eyes emoji side or on the crossed-arms emoji side. If you are part of the latter group and feel it’s time to take your antipathy to the star-crossed holiday to a new level, then this may be the year you throw an anti-Valentine’s Day party!

Hey, if everyone else can make the most of this holiday, so can you! And who really needs an excuse for a party?

We’ll go over everything you need to have a party that celebrates doing the opposite of a traditional celebration of the candy-and-flowers holiday. Keep in mind, this post is meant to show you how to have a lighthearted approach to Valentine’s Day. Don’t take it too seriously and enjoy the time with your friends!

Anti-Valentine’s Day Decorations

anti-Valentine’s Day

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No need for black streamers and slashed hearts (unless that’s really how you’re feeling!). Go the sassy route instead by putting a twist on Valentine’s Day decorations. Your local Party City may not have what you’re looking for but online shops like Etsy and Amazon have a great selection of witty anti-Valentine’s Day decorations. You can also DIY your own decorations by picking up a string of blank heart decorations and adding your own funny sayings.

Take a cue from the movie Valentine’s Day and string up a piñata! You can decide if you want a big pink heart (that you can write more funny anti-Valentine sayings on it) or something that you and your friends would find funny.

Anti-Valentine’s Day Music

Seriously, we do not have to put Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” on every single Valentine’s playlist, whether we’re for or against the holiday. You can go one of two routes with the playlist: If you’re looking to avoid the stereotypical Valentine’s Day music, put together a playlist of fun songs to dance to, if that’s the kind of party you’re having. If it’s a smaller group of close friends, make a playlist of songs that bring back good memories for everyone. If you want to make a playlist of anti-love songs turn to some true classics, such as Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name,” Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone,” and Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable.”

We’ve included a playlist for Spotify for some inspiration (and we won’t judge if you go ahead and put “Single Ladies” on that playlist)!

Spotify’s “Single. + Loving it.” Playlist

Anti-Valentine’s Day Cocktails

anti-Valentine’s Day

The most important part of the party is the cocktails, right? There are tons of red and pink drinks created for this holiday and you can still make them for your party in a tongue-in-cheek way at your home bar. There are two drinks that continually pop up when you search for anti-Valentine’s Day cocktails: Stupid Cupid and Love on the Rocks (see the theme?). Both are colorful and easy to make!

If you are avoiding red and pink, many dark anti-Valentine’s Day drinks make use of bitters. Put a dark twist on a classic mimosa or if you have a crowd coming over, mix up a pitcher of a bitter version of a Salty Dog.

There are so many creative cocktails online that you’ll be sure to find a few that will suit your party!

Anti-Valentine’s Day Food

anti-Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is known for being a day of candy, cupcakes and other sweets. If you want to give your treats the anti-Valentine twist, try conversation heart cookies with sassy sayings, which you can make yourself or find online. You can also grab broken heart cupcake toppers!

You can also go a completely different direction and skip sweets (isn’t everyone just going to buy half-price candy the next day?). Go for salty and savory. You can make broken hearts out of pizza, bacon strips, pancakes and so many other dishes with a little creativity and a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Since this is an anti-Valentine’s Day party, we say avoid heart-shaped plates and dishes.

Anti-Valentine’s Day Entertainment

anti-Valentine’s Day

If the piñata and swapping Single’s Awareness Day horror stories are not enough, you have other entertainment options to put your own anti-Valentine twist on.

Play Mad Libs with sassy conversation hearts. Print out or write your own cards telling a Valentine’s Day story. Keep it to your theme however by using sassy candy hearts (rather than the traditional ‘CRAZY 4 U” ones) to fill in the blanks. Have all your friends fill in a card in while one acts as the judge and chooses the best story. You might be surprised at how creative your friends will be!

Instead of buying the sassy anti-Valentine cookies, have everyone bake them together. Set up a decorating table with icing in different colors and toppings like sprinkles. Make it a contest and see who can come up with the funniest saying.

If games are not your crowd’s favorite activity, pop in a movie! You could go the rom-com route…but our advice is to keep with the anti-Valentine’s Day theme and pass on any movie with a romantic plot. Think action, adventure, even horror! Basically, anything but romance.

What’s your anti-Valentine’s Day plan?

This party should be in good fun. You can enjoy Valentine’s Day and still throw a party for all your friends who may not be so into it. Let us know what you do for Valentine’s Day by using the social media buttons below!

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