Pantone Spring Colors 2017: Pink Yarrow

Pantone Pink Yarrow furniture and home decor ideas from Homemakers Furniture

It’s time to explore one of the brightest colors in the Pantone Spring 2017 lineup: Pink Yarrow. The yarrow flower has long been used for medicinal purposes and has come to symbolize health and healing. This makes it a perfect addition to the revitalizing Pantone Spring colors.

“Tropical and festive, Pink Yarrow is a whimsical, unignorable hue that tempts and tantalizes,” said Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute. “Bold, attention getting and tempestuous, the lively Pink Yarrow is a captivating and stimulating color that lifts spirits and gets the adrenaline going.”

We love Pink Yarrow because it’s such an adventurous, fun color inspired by the vibrancy of nature. You can leap right into spring and even beyond to summer by adding a dash (or more) of this daring hue with accents and accessories. It really can be worked into any style and any space and we’re excited to show you how!

Pantone Pink Yarrow

Pantone Pink Yarrow furniture and home decor from Homemakers Furniture

You may be a little hesitant to add such an energizing color to your home- how do you easily bring such a lively color into your existing style? Think about what your home already looks like. If you already love color and have a bright, eclectic mix of style and color in your living space, then go big and add a sofa or chair. If your space is centered on clean lines and minimal detail, add vivacious pops of color in small ways with eye-catching wall art or an exciting accent rug. Accent pieces are an easy way to add a new color to any of the rooms in your home.

You can also mix other Pantone Spring 2017 colors with Pink Yarrow. Go monochromatic with Pale Dogwood, mix in more tropical style with Island Paradise or warm up with Primrose Yellow.

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