Design Trend Alert: Modern Zen Style

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Updated 06/24/2019

We’re only a few months in to 2017 and we’ve already been treated to so many different versions of modern style. We know mid-century modern isn’t going anywhere just yet and the modern eclectic aesthetic is still incredibly popular. Now there’s a new style trend for you to explore! We’re starting to see a modern reiteration of beautiful Zen style. If you like minimalism, strong form, soothing color and luxe accents, then this contemporary update of a classic Eastern style may be the next design style you need to incorporate into your home.

Elements of Modern Zen Style

• Geometric shapes
• Neutral but bright palette of blue, white and grey
• Luxe elements of marble, silver and bronze
• Organic connection to nature from flowers and greenery
• Bamboo and maple wood
• Straight lines and simple form
• Minimalism

Furniture pieces in modern Zen style should be simple in form and function with a central design element. Sofas are strong in design with clean lines in a rich solid hue like jewel blue or smoky grey. Side tables are boxy yet sleek with tray tops and slim metal legs. Don’t be afraid to mix materials like marble and chrome.

You won’t find curved lines or ornate details here because you don’t need them to draw attention. Instead, use a minimal color palette and make statements with small accent pieces. The goal in modern Zen style is to achieve harmony from balance. Do this by tempering a vivid blue couch with a low coffee table in dark polished wood. Offset a neutral, transitional living space by adding structural accent tables. Brighten up dark wood tones with white throw blankets and accent pillows in light colors.

Zen beliefs place importance on maintaining a connection to nature. Bring the natural world inside by incorporating plants all around your space. Keep it clean and simple with a potted palm or be bold with a single orchid. If lack of a green thumb, pets or kids prevent you from having real plants, hang a floral or botanical wall print.

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