Stylist Spotlight: Meet the Blogger Behind My Big Yellow Couch

Hm Stylist Spotlight: Mallory Huffman from My Big Yellow Couch

Have you ever seen such a beautifully bold piece of furniture that you thought, I could pull that off so well in my space? Today, we get to know a blogger and home stylist who did just that. Meet Mallory Huffman, the blogger behind My Big Yellow Couch. Below, we share our interview where she shares her tips on merging styles, home inspiration and home necessities.

Keep reading to go behind the scenes with Mallory! Looking for more real-life style inspiration? Check out our last stylist spotlight featuring Nicole Simmons or see some of our favorite Homemakers Insta-Stylists to Watch in 2017. Think you’re a home stylist worthy of being featured on our blog? Tag us in your photos on Instagram with @shophomemakers.

Home Stylist Insider: Get to Know Mallory

Hm: How did you decide on the name of your blog?

Mallory: I originally started writing a blog because I wanted a way to keep family and friends up-to-date with my new life as a newlywed in Iowa. When I was brainstorming blog names, I thought, “ what signifies my new life in a new place more than my yellow couch?” And voila, My Big Yellow Couch was born!

Hm: What made you fall in love with your couch from Homemakers?

Mallory: I was instantly drawn to the color. It was so different than anything we had seen. It was bright, cheerful, and you couldn’t help but smile when you looked at it.

Inspiration from home stylist Mallory Huffman on My Big Yellow Couch

Jonathan Louis Noah Sectional (same collection as Mallory’s couch) | Klaussner White Accent Chair (similar) | Central Oriental Gray Rug (similar) 

Hm: Is there a home necessity that you think everyone should have? (Besides a big yellow couch, of course!)
Mallory: Everyone should have at least one thing that is colorful in every room. We try to keep most of our house pretty neutral with at least one pop of color in every room. But you’re right, I totally think everyone should have a yellow couch!

Hm: Where do you like to write your blog posts?

Mallory: I have a small work station in our sun room I liked to write in. There are lots of windows so it’s bright, and it’s away from the TV so I won’t get distracted.

Hm: How did you and BJ create a home that works with both of your style preferences?
Mallory: It’s funny, we tend to love the same pieces (like our yellow couch), yet our styles are very different. BJ has a more rustic-modern style and I tend to have a more vintage-shabby chic style. There’s a little bit of both styles in every room. When I’m decorating and styling, I try to keep in mind that a boy lives here too so it doesn’t get too girly.

Inspiration from home stylist Mallory Huffman on My Big Yellow Couch

Hm: What’s your advice for newlyweds who are decorating their first home together?
Mallory: Only buy things you love!

Hm: What has been the most challenging part of creating your home?

Mallory: Designing on a budget. It’s taken awhile to fill our home with so many beautiful things but it’s been worth the wait. I try not to buy things just to fill our home, but invest in things that we really love.

Hm: How do you find home inspiration?

Mallory: My mom was always a great decorator, so a lot of my inspiration comes from memories of my childhood home. My aunt Suzi also has great taste. I’m always so inspired by her house which is full of vintage/refurbished pieces…and of course Pinterest.

Inspiration from home stylist Mallory Huffman on My Big Yellow Couch

Hm: What home design trends are you excited to try this year?

Mallory: Plants! I can’t keep real plants alive but I love the homey feel they give to a space. I’m going to start with baby steps and buy fake plants.

Hm: What’s your favorite part about shopping at Homemakers?

Mallory: The variety and volume of products. There’s something for every taste and style and we have never gone in the store without leaving with something. And the cookies.

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