How to Choose the Best Sleeper Sofa For You

How to Choose the Best Sleeper Sofa from Homemakers Furniture

It’s Saturday night. The movie went a little late. Your out-of-town friend doesn’t look awake enough for the hour-long drive back home. What do you do? If you’re halfway prepared, you might have an air mattress or sleeping bag lying around. But, if you’ve really thought ahead, you’ll be pulling out the plush mattress in your living room’s sleeper sofa. Your weary friend will fall into a bed so comfortable that they’ll want to come visit more often. All because you bought a sleeper sofa. Keep reading to discover the benefits and find out how to choose the best sleeper sofa for your living space.

What exactly is a sleeper sofa?

Before we get into the specifics of why you should buy one, let’s define sleeper sofas. A sleeper sofa (or sofa bed) is a sofa that features a hidden bed, which folds away under the seating when not in use. When you have overnight visitors, simply pull out the bed for a comfortable sleeping spot.

How do sleeper sofas work?

Sleeper sofas hide a bed under their seating with a folding mattress and frame. To unfold the bed, you first remove the seat cushions. There should be a metal bar (sometimes with a handle) that you can pull up and out, toward yourself. This will lift the frame, which will expand into a bed as you pull it out completely. Sleeper sofas instantly transform any living room into a guest room.

Ashley Canterelli sleeper sofa from Homemakers Furniture

Sleeper Sofa Buying Guide

Types of Sleepers

Not all sleepers come in the same form. There are sleeper chairs and loveseats that usually offer a twin bed. Then, there are queen sleeper sofas, and for the ultimate in spacious comfort, there are sectional sleeper sofas.

No matter the amount of space you have, we carry sleepers in every size and price to fit your home and your budget. Make sure you measure your space beforehand so you’re sure it will fit when the bed is pulled out.

Types of Sleeper Sofas from Homemakers Furniture

Sleeper Sofa Mattress

When choosing your sleeper sofa, you’ll want to pay attention to the mattress. In the past few years, manufacturers have significantly improved sleeper mattresses. At Homemakers, we offer sleepers with 5-inch coil, memory foam, gel-infused memory foam, air and coil mattresses. You want something that’s comfortable for a range of sleepers—or for yourself, like reviewer Darr discovered with his Ashley Lottie Sleeper:

“Bought this about two months ago and didn’t expect much comfort while using the mattress, but I sleep in it every night instead of going upstairs to my bed. No exaggeration. The couch itself is really comfortable, also. But, the mattress really surprised me for that price!”

While this reviewer was impressed with his memory foam mattress, our air mattresses are equally popular. These are topped with comfortable cushioning and inflate in about 40 seconds. They provide individualized comfort as you can take out or increase air to your own firmness preferences.

Buying a Sleeper Sofa

Not sure a sofa sleeper is worth the investment? Think again. Let’s say that the average cost of a hotel is $100 per night. If you buy a sleeper sofa around $600, like this Ashley Alliston Sleeper, that means you only need six nights of use to make up for the cost. Plus, it functions as a sofa the rest of the time. So, you’re really getting even more worth for your money because of the multi-functional uses! Check out what Homemakers customer Rob said about his sleeper:

“I bought this a month ago for my studio apartment and I’m glad I did. It’s great for guests! In fact, I have used numerous times already.”

As Rob said, he’s already used his sleeper numerous times in one month. The investment is truly worth it. Not sure when you’d use the pullout bed? Keep reading for five times your sleeper sofa will save the day.

Ashley Gilmer sleeper sofa from Homemakers Furniture

5 Times You’ll Be Glad To Have a Sleeper Sofa

1. Kids sleepover
Give the kids a place to crash. A sleeper sofa is the perfect spacious place for little ones to have a movie night or sleepover. Plus, putting the kids in the living room means you’ll get a better night’s sleep with the noise farther away from your own bedroom.

2. Overnight guests
Whether your family’s staying overnight or your “life of the party” friend drank a little too much, a sleeper sofa will save the day. It provides a comfortable, homey sleeping spot that definitely beats an air mattress on the floor.

3. Sick or injured family member
Just because your spouse has the flu doesn’t mean you have to catch it, too. When a family member gets sick, keep their germs contained to the bedroom while you stay healthy and cozy on the sleeper.

A sleeper sofa is also a great solution when stairs are a no-go. Whether it’s your broken ankle or grandpa’s severe arthritis, a sleeper sofa placed on the ground level is the perfect nighttime hero.

4. Air BNB bed
If your home is a part-time rental, add extra bed options with a sleeper sofa. Not only can you accommodate more guests, but you’ll probably be able to up the price with more sleeping spots. Or, turn your living room into a one-room rental space by adding a sleeper.

5. Emergency bed
Most Midwesterners have experienced the blare of tornado sirens in the middle of the night. Keep an emergency bed available by adding a sleeper sofa to your basement. You’ll have a comfortable place to sleep while hunkering down in the safest part of your house.

Why Do You Love Your Sleeper Sofa?

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