Eco-Friendly Furniture: Style You Can Feel Good About

Eco-Friendly Furniture from Homemakers

[Updated 12/18/2018]

At Homemakers, we care about the environment. Between recycling our own materials and buying eco-friendly furniture for our showroom, we’re working hard to reduce our eco footprint.

Unfortunately in the furniture industry, there’s a lot of cardboard and paper packing materials involved in shipping pieces from the factories to our store. But we try to recycle as much of this material as we can! These are some of the results of our environmental initiatives from the last year:

  • In 2017, we recycled 551 tons of materials. Cardboard made up 546 of those tons.
  • We have begun to install LED bulbs in parts of our showroom.
  • We reuse bags and boxes when applicable, reducing trash and waste.
  • We have water bottle fillers installed throughout our offices, offering our employees a sustainable way to drink water.
  • We offer a mattress recycling program. When you have your new mattress delivered from Homemakers, we’ll take your old mattress to be recycled at no cost to you!

eco-friendly furniture

Recycling and reusing in our company isn’t the only way we’re striving to improve our planet. We’re also empowering furniture shoppers, just like you, to create a sustainable home with our collection of eco-friendly furniture.

Keep reading to discover sustainable and environmentally friendly furniture that you can feel good about bringing home.

Eco-Friendly Furniture from Homemakers

Bamboo Furniture

Greenington Azara Bamboo Bed from Homemakers Furniture

Greenington Azara Bamboo Bed

One of the fastest growing plants, bamboo is a smart choice for eco-friendly furniture. Bamboo plants grow to maturity in just 5 years, compared to 70 years for oak trees. This makes it an extremely sustainable material. Bamboo also produces almost 35% more oxygen for the environment compared to equivalent sizes of trees.

At Homemakers, we’re proud to carry bamboo furniture from Greenington. When harvesting, they never use clear cutting and leave the bamboo root systems intact, allowing new bamboo shoots to grow. Greenington also operates on a no waste policy. In their manufacturing process, 100% of the bamboo material is used, even the sawdust!

Shop Greenington furniture >

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Ashley Sommerford Dining Set from Homemakers Furniture

Ashley Sommerford Dining Set

Get an organic look with this eco-friendly material. Reclaimed wood furniture is both green and aesthetically stunning. It gives new life to wood salvaged from barns, warehouses and other sources, adding your home to the next part of its story. We have a wide variety of reclaimed wood furniture, with everything from coffee tables to dining sets.

Poly Furniture

Amish Outdoors Adirondack Chairs & Table from Homemakers Furniture

Amish Outdoors Adirondack Chairs & Table

Constructed of recycled plastics like milk jugs and detergent bottles, our Amish Outdoors poly furniture is a great example of eco-friendly furniture. It’s also extremely durable, making it the perfect material for outdoor furniture. Poly won’t warp, fade, crack, split or deteriorate. Plus, you have countless colors to choose from!

Shop Poly Furniture >

Electric Fireplaces

Classic Flame/Tresanti Gotham Fireplace from Homemakers Furniture

Classic Flame/Tresanti Gotham Fireplace

Meet the Prius of fireplaces. Electric fireplaces are a fantastic, green heating source. They provide warmth with 100% energy efficiency and give off absolutely no emissions. When using an electric fireplace, you’re also preserving natural resources by reducing wood and fossil fuel consumption.

We carry a wide variety of electric fireplaces from brands like Dimplex, Aspen and Classic Flame. Find the perfect fit for your home from our electric fireplace collection!

Recycled Upholstery and Metal

Flexsteel Como Sofa from Homemakers Furniture

Wood isn’t the only furniture material that can be reused! There are countless eco-friendly upholsteries made of recycled materials. For example, we carry Flexsteel NuvoLeather furniture, covered in an eco-friendly performance fabric that is made of recycled leather.

We even have eco-friendly furniture that you can sleep on! You’ll find recycled steel in the springs of our Serta mattresses and the frames of our Glideaway beds. After you’ve chosen the perfect new mattress, we’ll even haul away your old mattress to be recycled at no cost to you!

How Are You Going Green?

We’ve shared our eco-friendly furniture, now we want to hear your ideas on going green at home! What are your sustainable tips and tricks? Use the social sharing icons below to enlighten other readers.

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