Movin’ on Out: Dorm Essentials under $100

Dorm essentials under $100 from Homemakers Furniture

The time has come! You’ve graduated high school, you’ve had the party and now it’s time to start preparing for the next step: moving into a dorm. Most dorm rooms come furnished but you may be missing extra pieces necessary for storage or studying. If family members are still asking what kind of gift you want for graduation or you like to plan ahead for the fall, we’ve got you covered. We pulled some of the most versatile yet stylish and affordable dorm essentials so that you can furnish your room (or first apartment!) in style and still stay within your budget.

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Dorm Essentials

Dorm essentials should be easy to move, inexpensive, versatile and multipurpose. You’ll most likely be living in a smaller space than the one you have now so it’s important to know exactly how much room you have.  We put together a guide for measuring your space before buying furniture and you can also get room dimensions from your school.

We also know how important it is to create and stick to a budget for back to school shopping. There are so many supplies you’ll need to stock up on, we know you can’t spend everything on just one item! We’ve compiled a guide to the top college essentials that all come in under $100 so you can still create a space that’s totally you within a budget.

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dorm essentials


Chances are you’ll need extra storage and surface space which you can get with a bookcase that’s big enough to hold all of your books, knick knacks and even a television on top. We like these organizers and bookcases because they’re compact enough to fit into a dorm room while still offering the additional storage you’ll need. buy bystolic online no prescription


You can never have too many lamps! You’ll definitely need one for your desk for all the nights you’ll spend studying (or pretending to) and at least one floor lamp. There’s no reason a lamp can’t be super stylish and affordable! We chose these because they’ll add chic modern style to your space while still coming in under budget.

Wall Decor

What is a home without art? Your new dorm will be your home for the next year so add some life and color with art that reflects your personality. These pieces are versatile and appealing; who doesn’t love the American flag? Or choose a lively flower print for a burst of brightness while a neutral print with a pop of primary color adds an element of high-brow style.

Desk Chairs

A comfortable desk chair is imperative for a productive workspace. How are you supposed to focus on papers and lab reports when you can’t even relax in a plush seat? Desk chairs can be just as stylish as they are comfortable; we say go for a fun color!


Dorm bedding doesn’t have to be dull or scratchy. Soft cotton sheets are the way to go when it comes to making up your new bed. We love these bedding options because you’ll feel like you’re living in the lap of luxury, even when you’re in a twin XL bed.


Your desk will be the most important piece of furniture, right? It will double as your work space and dining room table so it should be functional and stylish with just enough space for all your books. These desks are all less than $100 and will hold all of your possessions while adding flair to your new space.

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