Welcome to the Jungalow: Exploring Justina Blakeney’s Signature Style

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Take a walk on the wild side as we explore the ultimate eclectic design: Jungalow style. At this point, it is perfectly valid to ask yourself: what exactly is Jungalow style?

It’s simple! Bungalow + jungle = Jungalow! The term was coined by Justina Blakeney, a designer and artist in Los Angeles whose compact bungalow home is an oasis of cool, tropical style. She recently collaborated with Jonathan Louis and designed the Tufo collection, a vibrant study in bold design. We carry several living room pieces from the Tufo collection right here at Homemakers! We’re excited to dive into this energetic design style so read on to find out how you can bring the Jungalow into your own home using pieces from Blakeney’s collection with Jonathan Louis.

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Elements of Jungalow Style

• Patterns
• Plants and greenery
• Global inspiration
• White as a neutral anchor
• Reuse and recycle
• Vintage pieces
• Mixed textures
• Outdoor elements


The Loloi Viola rug is the perfect textured accessory for a Jungalow space. 

Jungalow style is a whirlwind of color and texture. Think laid-back bohemian design meets vintage pieces with a dash of tropical rainforest and a southwestern flair. This may sound like a lot to mix but don’t worry! Cohesiveness can be achieved through a unifying color or overall aesthetic.

Colors, textures, patterns, oh my!

To achieve the carefree and joyful vibe of a Jungalow space, mix and match everything! Patterns add the pop of personality that really makes Jungalow style come to life. Stylized tropical print, southwestern designs and graphic motifs are all part of Jungalow style. Throw an Aztec-inspired throw blanket over a colorful couch. Put a watercolor print up on the wall next to a multimedia mirror. Use an upholstered headboard in your bedroom against brightly colored geometric print bedding. Bright colors are key- warm reds and oranges pair well with rich jewel hues like emerald and peacock.

A reoccurring color helps anchor the overall look. White is a bright, clean neutral that will connect your pieces and prevent the patterns and colors from overwhelming the room. White accessories such as plant pots, ceramic lamps, throw pillows and plush rugs can all help balance out the vibrant energy of a Jungalow space.

Mid-century modern furniture

Jungalow furniture is actually the mid-century modern and vintage furniture you already know and love. Modular seating, peg legs, curved backs, splayed legs and swooped arms are all part of the design school. Accessories and bright upholstery are the contemporary and bohemian updates that modify these pieces to fit a Jungalow space.

Global design influences

Mix global influences and time periods. Display the souvenirs of your travel- that basket you got at a market in Mexico? Fill it with cozy throws and place it in the living room next to the couch. The woven hats from a walking tour of Thailand? Hang them on the wall. If you haven’t made it to Thailand yet, search for accessories that draw on other cultures for inspiration. African-inspired pottery can comfortably live alongside a Moroccan rug and your mother’s vintage record player.

Plants, plants, plants

The most important accessory of all? Plants, plants, plants! Greenery is the key to making a Jungalow space lush and verdant. Potted palms, succulents or even false plants are all essential to making your space a mini rainforest. Does your mother or grandmother still have macramé plant holders? Use them to add vintage texture and hang plants all over the house.

Shop Jungalow Furniture and Home Decor

Ready to turn your home into a tropical hideaway? In the words of Justina Blakeney: “Decorate wild!”

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