How to Choose Furniture When You Live with a Cat

furniture with cats at Homemakers Furniture
“Cats can work out mathematically the exact place to sit that will cause most inconvenience.”Pam Brown

As everyone who lives with a cat knows, it can be difficult (if not impossible) to keep furniture free of fur and unmarked by kitty claws. We love our companions but we’d also love for furniture to last longer before it starts to look like a hairy pincushion.

We’ve talked about taking care of furniture in a household with pets before, but it’s not always easy to choose pieces that are pet-resistant from the get-go. So we did our research and put together a how-to guide for choosing durable furniture that both you and your kitty companion can enjoy.

There are a handful of upholstery choices that are best for sofas and chairs that need to survive use by a cat. Microfiber, leather and suede are all durable fabrics that are easy to clean. The dense weave of microfiber and suede makes it tough to pick apart which is ideal if your cat is not declawed. Leather does not hold on to odor and scratches can be buffed out.

Furniture with metal frames are also scratch resistant since a cat wouldn’t be able to sharpen its claws on it as opposed to wood. If you have not already, we recommend getting a scratching post and training your cat to use that instead of the furniture. It seems like a no-brainer but it can make a huge difference in the longevity of your furniture!

If you are determined to put down some kind of covering, throw blankets are a versatile option. You can change them out every season and choose a pattern that won’t show cat hair. Patterns are also a great way to hide hair. They’re just not as noticeable so you won’t have to stress about furry-looking chairs anymore.
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Beyond couches, there’s the problem of storing and displaying breakables. No matter how high up you put knickknacks and grandma’s priceless china, cats always seem to find a way to knock everything off mantels and shelves. Closed storage with glass doors is invaluable when it comes to preserving but still displaying your treasures.
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Read on to find out which pieces we recommend for you and your fur baby. Don’t forget to subscribe to HM etc. so you’ll never miss another post!

Leather Furniture

  • Futura sectional at Homemakers Furniture

    Futura 8188 Collection Leather Sectional

    Leather is a durable upholstery choice because it doesn’t hold onto odors and is easy to clean. Although deep puncture holes may show, scratches can be buffed out. This sectional will add bold style and versatile function to any space.

  • Catnapper leather sofa from Homemakers Furniture

    Catnapper Aria Leather Sofa

    Dark leather hides dark fur and is easy to wipe down. This sofa has a lay-flat mechanism and luxurious Italian leather upholstery in rich espresso that will add upscale relaxation to your room.

  • Ashley O'Kean sofa at Homemakers Furniture

    Ashley O’Kean Leather Sofa

    Don’t be afraid of white! You still have the easy-clean aspect of faux leather in a chic hue. This contemporary, sleek sofa features a plush tufted back and swooping track arms perfect for any contemporary space.

Microfiber Furniture

  • Ashley Darcy chaise at Homemakers Furniture

    Ashley Darcy Chaise

    Microfiber is one of the best upholstery choices for a cat household. It’s easy to vacuum or clean with a lint roller and it’s more difficult for cat claws to puncture the dense fabric. This sylish sofa chaise is plush and makes for the perfect napping spot for you and your cat.

  • Simmons recliner at Homemakers Furniture

    Simmons Luna Rocker Recliner

    Don’t be afraid of light colors when it comes to microfiber, especially if your cat has light fur. It’s still just as easy to clean! This rocker recliner is plush and inviting with a smooth motion mechanism for the perfect casual piece.

  • Jackson sectional at Homemakers Furniture

    Jackson Malibu 3-Piece Sectional

    When you and your kitty need a little room to stretch out, go for a plush polyester sectional. Easy to vacuum, this inviting piece offers luxurious cushioning and oversized seating that everyone will love.

Patterned Furniture

  • La-Z-Boy Kennedy Accent Chair

    Every cat loves a good chair to curl up in for an afternoon nap. This elegant chair features a modern blue pattern that will easily disguise the appearance of cat hair. The flair arms and plush pillow back makes this an easy addition to your space

  • Jonathan Louis Donavan ottoman from Homemakers Furniture

    Jonathan Louis Donavan Ottoman

    A storage ottoman is incredibly versatile: you can stash throws in it and your kitty will love to curl up on it. The best part? The cotton upholstery and fun geometric pattern will make it an instant hit in your home.

  • Klaussner Ryder recliner from Homemakers Furniture

    Klaussner Ryder Swivel Recliner

    It won’t matter what color your cat is; this multicolored animal pattern will disguise both dark and light fur. This swivel recliner is the perfect napping spot for your cat with soft pillow seating and perfect for you with recline mechanisms.

Closed Storage Furniture

  • Coast to Coast cabinet at Homemakers Furniture

    Coast to Coast Curio Cabinet

    All your breakables are safe behind these glass doors with beautiful geometric overlays. Three glass shelves provide ample storage and display space while the eye-catching turquoise hue will brighten up any room.

  • Int'l Furniture console at Homemakers Furniture

    Int’l Furniture Antique Console

    If you’re trying to keep valuables away from the curious cat in your house, add this console to your home. A fixed shelf offers ample space behind two glass doors so knickknacks can still be seen. The weathered white finish adds a touch of rustic charm to your space.

  • Pulaski curio cabinet at Homemakers Furniture

    Pulaski Curio Cabinet

    Kitty will never be able to reach your family heirlooms and favorites vases with this gorgeous curio cabinet. Five glass shelves will hold all of your belongings and all glass doors means you will still be able to see and enjoy them.

Before you do any kind of cleaning, check your furniture piece’s care instructions and warranty information. If you have questions about furniture care, call our Customer Service at (515) 727-1371 or call toll free (888) 818-7283. You can also email us at
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