5 Homemakers Instastylists Giving Us Major #StyleGoals

Home Inspiration from Instagram Stylists | Homemakers Furniture

It’s the most exciting time again! We absolutely love to see what customers do with our pieces once they leave the store. How will you style your new sofa and add it to your living room? Where will you put a new accent chair to make your space different? How are you going to make a new console your own? Homemakers Instastylists are great sources of fresh home inspiration!

If you think you could be the next Homemakers Instastylist then show off your style! It’s simple: just style your Homemakers piece and take a photo. Post it to Instagram and tag us @shophomemakers so we can see what you’ve done with your new pieces. Make sure your Instagram profile is public or else we won’t be able to see it!

Home Inspiration from HM Instastylists

Aly Carroll, @lifeoncherryhill

How would you describe your own interior design style in three words?

Feminine, airy, vintage

What’s one piece of style advice you would offer homeowners?

Go with your gut! Choose pieces and colors that you love, not just what is in style or trendy at the time. Trends come and go but if you style and decorate your home in a way that reflects you, you will love the rooms and pieces you’ve chosen for a long time!

What 2017 design trends have been your favorite?

I am loving all the wallpaper options that are out there right now! I’ve always been a wallpaper person, but scared of the commitment. We just moved into a home we knew we would be in for a long time, so we took more risks to make it a home all our own. That included wallpapering multiple rooms, including the kitchen!

What’s your favorite room to design and style?

I have loved designing our kitchen! We kept the vintage, 60’s inspired cabinets and transformed the room from dated to light, airy, and feminine with pops of natural wood tones and floral wallpaper. We used a lot of white in the space to keep it fresh and to show off the paper. I love adding in hints of blush dishwater and house plants to warm up the space!

How has Homemakers helped you in your styling?

I love all the different furniture options they offer, along with amazing accessories! It is a wonderful feeling to go in and find what you want and be able to take it home that day!

Amy Farmer, @fancy_mrs.farmer

What do you get when you mix rustic elegance, transitional elements and classic details? Amy’s Insta-worthy living room! A soft tan sofa with dark bun feet and nail head trim elevate the piece to instant classic. The coffee table’s glass top contrasts beautifully with the white finish and even matches the accent chair. A floral rug and dark sofa table balance out the mix of neutrals. We love how she added pops of color with bright candles and a wreath.

Similar Sofa | Similar Coffee Table | Similar Sofa Table | Similar Rug

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Madison Beck, @evisonstylingco

I love the evening glow makes life seem so blissful. 🌵

A post shared by Madi Beck (@madstyling) on

How would you describe your own interior design style in three words?

Eclectic, mid-century modern, pops of bohemian

What’s one piece of style advice you would offer homeowners?

Buy pieces that are unique, and bring you joy. If you fill a house with things that are beautiful, purposeful, and meaningful you’ll create not just a space, but a living space.

What 2017 design trends have you been loving this year?

My top accent is brass everything. It’s throughout my whole house from a brass duck on a book shelf to curtain rods. Vintage-inspired rugs are my favorite touch to complete any room. I also love to mix textures and patterns.

What’s your favorite room to design and style?

My favorite would be the living room. It’s my favorite room to design because of all the pieces that go into creating the perfect gathering space. From pillows to coffee table books, I enjoy changing my living room annually.
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How has Homemakers helped you in your styling?

They’ve helped in many different stages in my life. Homemakers is a perfect place for anyone to shop. I’ve used Homemakers when I was on a small budget, but still wanted good pieces. I’ve also used them on splurge-worthy furniture that to this day I couldn’t imagine my house without.

Console | Similar coffee table | Similar rug

Grace Troutman, @gracetrout

Here’s a little corner of my happiness. I love our little house. 🖤

A post shared by Grace Troutman (@gracetrout) on

We love the clean, modern aesthetic of Grace’s living room. Crisp white walls and curtains are balanced by a dark gray, moody sectional that curves to add a different shape to the room. An arched lamp and splayed two-tone coffee table add bold element of mid-century modern style. The geometric rug adds a splash of quirky style that we think adds an extra dimension to the room.

Similar Couch | Similar Area Rug | Similar Arched Lamp

Haley Dalen, @haleydalen

What inspires your sense of home style?

Interior design has always been a big part of my life. When I was younger, I would tell people I wanted to do it when I grew up. I believe I inherited each of my parent’s best home character traits: my Mom’s love for meaningful, vintage pieces and my Dad’s simplicity.

One of my favorite pastimes is browsing Pinterest for inspiration. I would say I have a very eclectic design taste, and I am drawn towards a mixture of chic and classic. I can tell you when and where I acquired each piece of furniture and decor in my apartment. My home is what makes me whole and really reflects who I am.
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How has Homemakers helped you achieve your style?

Homemakers has helped me fulfill my eclectic style with its wide variety of products to choose from that are not only great quality, but also affordable. I love browsing through the showroom floor to get inspiration.

I had been searching for the perfect couch for months and a few weeks ago came across this couch online and it was on sale! Within two days I had purchased the couch and was more than pleased with it. It fits in perfectly with my other decor because it’s both chic and classic. I now feel my apartment is complete!

Similar Sofa | Similar End Table

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