HM Buying Guide: Nursery Furniture Essentials

Nursery furniture buying guide

Welcome your baby into the world and into a new home, with a beautiful nursery full of stylish furniture.

Creating a nursery is one of the first parental tasks you’ll have. You’ll want to put as much love and joy into this space as the pregnancy. A cohesive nursery style is helpful for maintaining balance in the room. It will look less cluttered, more defined and will feel more comfortable for both you and the baby.

We’re here to help you navigate through trying to find a nursery theme. We’ve got the scoop on the best nursery furniture along with three trendy and versatile themes for baby’s new room! Whether you’re starting with a blank slate or a room with some furniture and painted walls, we have ideas that will work for you.

Cribs, Mattress Pads and Changing Tables- Oh My!

Finding nursery furniture that is multi-functional is a great way to save space. It also increases the chance that whatever you need will be available to you while spending delicate time with your baby. A changing table that doubles as a dresser is a great way to guarantee that you’ve got what you need within an arm’s reach by using the dresser drawers to store creams, wipes, diapers and more!

We recommend going with a lined, simple convertible crib or toddler bed that can grow with your child. These cribs come in many versatile styles that will coordinate with whichever theme you pick.

Crib mattresses and changing pads require a lot of thought. Consider a changing pad with safety contouring and baby-friendly straps to keep baby safe while being changed. A comfortable mattress that fits perfectly into the crib is important to ensure your baby sleeps safely and soundly. To keep your baby healthy and clean, consider a mattress and changing pad that have anti-bacterial and waterproof surfaces. buy fosamax online no prescription

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Nursery Styles and Decor

In order to keep your nursery style united, we recommend creating a vision board. Go old school with some poster board and glue, or find somewhere online where you can combine all of your inspiration. Find patterns, pictures, quotes and whatever else sparks the feeling of happiness in you. If you’re online, you can keep all of the links to your must-haves in one place, ready to be purchased or created.
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If you feel like you need somewhere to start, we’ve gathered furniture and decoration inspiration for three timeless themes. Now it’s your turn to feel inspired and create your unique nursery!

Floral Nursery Style

Capture the feeling of spring and bountiful fields of flowers year-round with a floral nursery!

Keep the furniture colors simple and go with a neutral hue such as grey. A transitional palette is perfect for a floral nursery because simple furniture will make it easy to accent the furniture and let the floral accessories stand out! Green or pink walls will create a colorful canvas to which you can add floral wall decor or other accessories.

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  • Nourison Aloha area rug at Homemakers Furniture

    Nourison Aloha 5′ x 8′

    Large area rugs make clean-up easier and add a focal point to the room. This bold pattern will pop in a transitional style nursery.

  • Nourison Contour area rug at Homemakers Furniture

    Nourison Contour 5′ X 8′

    This transitional style rug will perfectly coordinate with the clean lines of the furniture in your floral nursery.

  • Ashley Camilo Wall Art

    Wall art is a classic way to create a cozy nursery. Stick to the theme but consider timelessness so it will look beautiful in the room for years to come.

  • Ashley Carla wall art at Homemakers Furniture

    Ashley Carla Wall Art (Set of Two)

    This beautiful piece of art will add a timeless touch of color to your nursery. It adds a hint of elegance to your transitional style.

Outdoor Adventure

An adventurous theme will help instill a passion for nature, traveling and a sense of wonder. Let your little ones feel on top of the world with inspiration from animals, nature and transportation. Think sailboats, planes, mountains and maps! Use the ocean’s deep blue water and the green grass as your main inspiration with some blue or green paint! For more colors, consider influences from sunrises and sunsets and incorporate tie-dye or faded reds, yellows and oranges on the walls. The sky is the limit.
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The furniture in this room would be perfect following either a rustic or traditional style. A natural-finished wooden crib will go great with the blue and green hues. You could also use animal prints in a fun rug and wall decor.

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  • Nourison Zen area rug at Homemakers Furniture

    Nourison Zen 8′ x 10′

    Large area rugs make clean-up easier and also bring the focal point in the room to that area.

  • Nourison Contour area rug at Homemakers Furniture

    Nourison Contour 5′ x 8′

    Large area rugs make clean-up easier and also bring the focal point in the room to that area.


  • Rizzy Play Day area rug at Homemakers Furniture

    Rizzy Play Day 3′ x 5′

    Large area rugs make clean-up easier and also bring the focal point in the room to that area.

  • Ashley albert wall art at Homemakers Furniture

    Ashley Albert Wall Art

    Wall art is a classic way to create a cozy nursery. Stick to the theme but also consider longevity while picking art.


  • Ashley Devesh art at Homemakers Furniture

    Ashley Devesh Wall Art (Set Of 2)

    Wall art is a classic way to create a cozy nursery. Stick to the theme but also consider longevity while picking art.

  • Ashley Sarva table lamp at Homemakers Furniture

    Ashley Sarva Table Lamp

    Use a table lamp for better lighting while reading or rocking!

Color Block Style

A color blocked room is one of our favorite themes. If you want a clean, crisp and bold flavor in your nursery, this is perfect for you. We recommend painting your walls with a selection of bright colors like red, teal, or hot pink, and accenting that with colorful lamps, decorations and other accessories that make the main colors pop. You can soften the bold colors with a light grey or cream color to balance the feel of the room.

Have fun with the paint and go with wide stripes and rectangles. Chevron is a perfect pattern to complement this look. You can create a casually elegant room with a lighter color scheme or go bolder with a bright orange or pink. Pick contemporary furniture with clean lines for a color blocked room to maintain a sleek feel.

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Nursery Furniture Tips

Feeling overwhelmed? We’ve gathered some tips from our own staff members on what they wish they had known when building their nurseries.

Use multifunctional furniture.

  • Convertible cribs, as previously mentioned, are a great way to utilize a piece of furniture for years.
  • Purchase a changing table that will double as a dresser. In a nursery, we’ve noticed how helpful a changing table really is and you can still use it for the dresser storage even when your baby is out of diapers.

Have a place for everything, so everything can be in its place.

  • Have plenty of storage  to create more room throughout the nursery for your whole family to enjoy.
  • Use a storage ottoman or bench in order to save space. This also will make it easy to maneuver throughout the room with a baby.
  • We have the perfect bookcase to store stuffed animals and books.

Comfort is key.

  • Make the nursery comfortable for you and your baby, then add the purely stylish pieces. It’s easy to have both when you have a simple theme and many furniture options.
  • One mom suggested going with a recliner that is comfortable enough for you to sleep in. We recommend a  La-Z-Boy rocker recliner.


We hope you get some inspiration from our themes and advice and will be able to create a one-of-a-kind nursery for your one-of-a-kind newborn. Which theme is your favorite? Let us know!

More Nursery Inspiration

Homemakers has a Pinterest board dedicated to nursery DIYs, furniture, themes and more. Be sure to follow us on Pinterest for more furniture, décor and home solution boards!

When your baby grows out of the nursery, you may want to update their room. Check out our infographic on furniture for every phase of childhood.

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