How to Create a Home Coffee Station in 7 Steps

home coffee station

The breeze is getting colder and the seasonal aroma of pumpkin spice is in the air, so there’s no better time to create a home coffee station, especially with International Coffee Day on September 29!

Enjoy your signature morning joe at home and save yourself a trip to the coffee shop. If coffee holds a special place in your heart, give it a special place in your home by creating a home coffee station that is sure to impress!

Build the Perfect Home Coffee Station

Creating a home coffee station adds a touch of luxury to your space and you can design one that fits a variety of design styles from rustic to traditional. Whether you are creating a home coffee station like ours, DIY-ing an old microwave cart from your basement or decorating a mini-station on your kitchen counter, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into a coffee shop every morning when you use these tips and ideas!

home coffee station Homemakers Furniture

1. Choose a Coffee Bar Cart or Server

A home coffee station can come in any size and style. It can be a small cart or island like our Powell Butcher Block island or a larger piece like our A America Anacortes island– it all depends on what you want in the space you have! You can create a home coffee station with a bar cart, server, sofa table or buffet.

Keep in mind that storage is key for a well-stocked coffee station. Find coffee station furniture that includes space to store your mugs, mixing sticks and supplies.

Love what you see above? Add the same International Furniture Antique Server to your home! If you have a little extra space, consider placing a side or accent chair like our New Classic Tuscany Park side chair near the bar so you can sit and sip comfortably.

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2. Add Your Coffee Station Must-Haves

Ensure you have enough room for the essentials before adding the perks. Start by deciding what is absolutely necessary for your home coffee station and think about how you want to display everything. Here’s a list of home coffee station essentials to get started:

  • Coffee maker or espresso machine
    • The equipment you include depends on how fancy you want your drinks to be and what you already have. But you can’t have a coffee station without a coffee maker of some kind, so keep this at the top of your list!
  • Coffee beans
    • If you don’t like grinding your own coffee, stock up on ground coffee. Either way, you need something to brew! Include two to three canisters of flavored coffee if you like having options. If you have a single-serving machine, look for a jar to display all of your coffee pods.
  • Coffee-making tools 
    • These are all of the tools you need for a successful station: coffee grinder, stirring sticks, spoons, napkins and filters – depending on what you will need and use. Remember to get a few canisters or jars to stylishly store everything!
  • Coffee mugs
    • Include a variety of colors and sizes for an eclectic look or find a traditional set for a touch of refinement. From stackable to colorful, you can’t go wrong when choosing mugs for your coffee station!

You can also include space for hot chocolate mix and herbal teas so all your favorite drinks are beautifully displayed and accessible.

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3. Store the Sweet Stuff

home coffee station Homemakers Furniture

Once you have all of the needs, it’s time for the wants! Start by setting out some of your favorite mix-ins like sugar and creamer. You can also display some of your favorite syrup flavors. You can even stock up on treats to pair with your coffee. Whether its muffins or a fruit basket, treats on display will make you feel like you’re at your favorite café.

4. Incorporate a Decorative Tray

A decorative tray is like icing on the cake when it comes to designing a home coffee station. It’s both stylish and functional. You can use it to stack all your mugs on, serve your coffee or display your coffee station accessories.

When styling your tray, choose decorations with varying heights to create visual interest. For example, you can keep a couple canisters of the same size in one section of the tray, a small candle in front and a larger decorative item behind. This creates a layered and balanced look, which tends to look better than keeping everything at the same height.

Looking to style trays in other areas of your home? Check out Five Ways to Style a Table Tray for decoration inspiration.

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5. Personalize Your Coffee Station Décor

home coffee station Homemakers Furniture

Creating your coffee station is about showcasing your style. Start by choosing a color scheme, then pick accessories that speak to you. A helpful menu, a quirky chalkboard quote or a stack of coffee books are great options.

For a variety of home décor options, visit us in-store and browse our accessory marketplace for the perfect seasonal decor.

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6. Add Some Greenery

Plants are the perfect addition to any space and your coffee station is no different. Greenery adds a pop of color and breathes life into a space. Include a beautiful succulent on your bar or a floor plant beside your station. Not a master gardener? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Give the impression of a green thumb when you include faux botanical décor.

7. Accessorize Your Walls

home coffee station Homemakers Furniture

Put the finishing touch on your coffee station space by adding wall accessories. Hang beautiful wall art to add artistic style, a mirror for maximizing lighting or a clock to make sure you leave for work on time. Keep it simple by hanging a piece you made yourself or design a gallery wall to uniquely display multiple wall accessories.

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  • home coffee station decor Homemakers Furniture
  • home coffee station decor Homemakers Furniture
  • home coffee station decor Homemakers Furniture
  • home coffee station decor Homemakers Furniture
  • home coffee station decor Homemakers Furniture
  • home coffee station decor Homemakers Furniture
  • home coffee station decor Homemakers Furniture

Get brewing at your home coffee station!

Your coffee station is beautifully designed and fully stocked. Now what? Wave goodbye to the snooze button and early morning slump, and say hello to the hissing sounds, tempting smells and rewarding tastes that will welcome you every morning.

Celebrate the beginning of fall with a steaming hot cup of happiness like Iowa Girl Eat’s deliciously easy pumpkin spice latte! It only takes five minutes to make and can be created with espresso or coffee. Even the little ones can enjoy your new coffee station by making a caffeine-free version of this seasonal favorite.

Iowa Girl Eats Homemakers Furniture
Need more coffee-related inspiration?

Browse our selection of coffee tables and learn how to decorate it with our coffee table styling tips!

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