Design Insider: Personalize Your Space with a Custom Sectional

custom sectional at Homemakers Furniture

The sofa is arguably the centerpiece of any living room. It’s where the family gathers for movie nights, where guests relax before the dinner party and where you’ll doze off for an afternoon nap (even if you swear you only closed your eyes for a minute!). Your sofa or sectional is already a personal piece of furniture, why not make sure it reflects your style and family needs?

We’ve talked before about customizing furniture to showcase your personal style because it’s so easy to put your own twist on furniture here at Homemakers. From working with a design consultant to using our online tools, we’ve got you covered. Did you also know there is customization information available on our showroom floor? Brands that offer flexibility in style are displayed on the floor with color swatches and information on how to choose different sectional shapes. Customizing furniture is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

We spoke to Abby Kerns-Lester, a Homemakers employee, who recently customized the Jonathan Louis Choices sectional to fit her home. Kerns-Lester is in the process of redecorating her home so a fresh, new sectional was just the jumpstart she needed to create a space that reflects her unique style!

Read on to find how a custom sectional can make your living room a stylish oasis!


Showcase Your Style with a Custom Sectional

custom Jonathan Louis sectional at Homemakers Furniture


What design needs motivated you to choose a custom sectional?

Our needs were more about functionality first, then design.  We knew that we wanted to have a sleeper sofa since we don’t have a guest bedroom and that we wanted a custom color. Those was our main reasons for choosing a sofa from Jonathan Louis. We had a floral print couch for the longest time so we were so excited that we were able to completely customize everything through Jonathan Louis with no additional charges! buy motrin online no prescription

Jonathan Louis Choices sectional at Homemakers Furniture


Walk us through the process of choosing your sectional.

We stopped into the showroom to take a look at the floor model and we loved how many options Jonathan Louis had to choose from.  They had very clear visuals so we could see a mockup of each individual piece with dimensions and cost. They offer tear sheets with these informative visuals; so we took one home, decided what we wanted for our space and we came back in the next day to make our purchase and choose fabric and pillows from hundreds of options.
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We knew what we wanted and we knew our budget.  We choose Jonathan Louis so we could customize every aspect of our sectional.  We also knew we’d be getting a quality product that would be around for years to come.

We decided to style our living room around our new sectional. We are in the process of updating our house, so once we chose our blue sofa, we decided to refinish our hardwood floors from a blonde oak to a rich espresso.  The room still doesn’t have a finished look, but my style is eclectic, so that makes it easy to add and remove pieces as I find them.

custom Jonathan Louis sectional at Homemakers Furniture


What advice would you give to others who are considering a custom piece?

Know your space! I love our sectional, but we’re still trying to figure out the Feng Shui of the room since it’s such an unusual shape due to the cuddler.
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Have fun and if you like color, don’t be afraid to go bold.  It makes for a great centerpiece and people are always intrigued to see something so unique!


To work with a specialist on customizing furniture for your home, simply visit our store! If you are shopping online, look for the customization button below the shopping cart and wish list buttons. You will be put in contact with a specialist who can help you create the perfect customized piece.

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