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It’s so exciting to choose furniture for every room when designing the home of your dreams, from the couch and dining table to your bed frame and dresser. Once the sun sets, however, your focus will be finding lamps to brighten your house and light the way! Choosing the perfect lighting adds not only functionality, but also a stylish detail that can truly tie any room together.

In every home, lighting is an integral element, but it’s easy to feel left in the dark. Homemakers is here to shed some light with our lamp buying guide, whether it’s a floor lamp that floods the entire room with comforting light or a table lamp that illuminates your reading or entertaining space.

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Lamp Styles

Begin your lamp buying journey by deciding what type of lamp you need: a floor lamp, table lamp or desk lamp. Each type of lamp can be used for different purposes, as they provide varying amounts of light and send the light in different directions. Here are some ideas for determining the best lamp for your space.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are typically used to provide ambient and accent lighting. These lamp types work especially well in apartments and smaller spaces where surfaces for other lamps are limited. At Homemakers, our floor lamps also come in a range of styles. A striking floor lamp can easily become a room’s focal point that adds character and height while a casual floor lamp can be a subtle addition that easily blends in.

Before deciding which style best suits your home, ask yourself how the lamp will fit with the scale of your room, what direction light should be directed and how much traffic the area will have.

  • Console Floor Lamp

    Ashley Oakleigh floor lamp at Homemakers Furniture

    Ashley Oakleigh Floor Lamp

    A console floor lamp is one of the most familiar lamp designs. It consists of a single, upright pole, a base, and a shade or globe housing the bulb. Most styles of this type house a single bulb, though some feature two or three sockets for better lighting.

  • Table Floor Lamp

    Ashley shianne floor lamp at Homemakers Furniture

    Ashley Shianne Metal Table Floor Lamp

    A table floor lamp combines style with functionality and eliminates the need for an end table. It’s the best of both worlds!

  • Arc Floor Lamp

    Ashley Shawny arc lamp at Homemakers Furniture

    Ashley Shawney Metal Arc Lamp

    Arc lamps feature a bent, curving pole with one or more shades descending from adjustable arms. This lamp style is ideal for adding modern flair and task lighting to a space.

  • Torchiere Floor Lamp

    Ashley Gavivi floor lamp at Homemakers Furniture

    Ashley Gavivi Floor Lamp

    Torchiere lamps feature a bowl-shaped shade that focuses light upward rather than toward the floor, providing ambient light to a room.

  • Outdoor Floor Lamp

    Kenroy Biscayne outdoor floor lamp at Homemakers Furniture

    Kenroy Biscayne Outdoor Floor Lamp

    Outdoor lamps are made to withstand the elements so you can continue enjoying your deck, patio or backyard space after the sun sets. They are made from weather-resistant materials and provide cozy ambient lighting.

Table Lamps

Table lamps are perfect for delivering accent and task lighting in any room of your home, especially your bedroom or living space. This style of lamp is designed to sit on a surface such as an end table, nightstand or buffet. They also make wonderful additions to your existing décor.

Consider how the shade and finish will tie in with the rest of the room, the size of your lamp’s surface and the lamp’s design style. Ideally a lamp shade should be about two thirds the size of its base to prevent the lamp from being top-heavy or unbalanced. buy arava online https://bethanyhealthcare.org/wp-content/languages/new/arava.html no prescription

  • Standard Table Lamp

    Ashley Shadell table lamps at Homemakers Furniture

    Ashley Shadell Table Lamps (Set of 2)

    Standard table lamp styles range from old-fashioned and traditional to modern and futuristic, so you are sure to find something that suits your space. The basic design features a tall body and cylindrical lampshade, though the possibilities are endless.

  • Buffet Table Lamp

    Ashley Ardara table lamp at Homemakers Furniture

    Ashley Ardara Glass Table Lamp

    This style of lamp is typically slender and tall, making them a perfect feature on top of a buffet table. They direct light downward to illuminate the table. Due to their thin frame, these lamps take up very little space and are perfect for task lighting in any area of the home.

  • Torchiere Table Lamp

    Lite Source Celestel Table lamp at Homemakers Furniture

    Lite Source Celestel Table Lamp

    The torchiere design boasts a lamp shade that directs light upward like a torch, providing ambient light to your space.

  • Outdoor Table Lamp

    Kenroy Castillo outdoor table lamp at Homemakers Furniture

    Kenroy Castillo Outdoor Table Lamp

    If you want a lamp on your patio table, look no further! Outdoor lamps are made from weather-resistant materials to withstand the elements They provide the perfect amount of ambient lighting

Desk Lamps

Desk lamps are convenient and stylish fixtures in any office or workspace. Designed to provide task light over a small, focused area, most styles feature a downward shade and adjustable neck that allows light to be directed where needed. Desk lamps also reduce eyestrain, making them a key feature in any work area!

If you need a desk lamp for task lighting in your home or office, consider the size of the work area, the position and direction of the lamp’s shade and the needed light intensity. A large desk benefits from a tall desk lamp with an adjustable stand while a smaller work space may only require a small reading light. buy asacol online https://bethanyhealthcare.org/wp-content/languages/new/asacol.html no prescription

  • Kenroy Slide Desk Lamp at Homemakers Furniture

    Kenroy Slide Desk Lamp

    Brighten your home with this stylish desk lamp. It features a sleek, modern base with a brushed steel finish and a convenient dimmer switch, providing the optimum lighting for any task.

  • Ashley Krish desk lamp at Homemakers Furniture

    Ashley Krish Metal Desk Lamp

    This eye-catching desk lamp features a tripod base and a chrome finish, creating a sleek, modern look that brightens any contemporary space.

  • Lite Source Java desk lamp at Homemakers Furniture

    Lite Source Java Desk Lamp

    Modern form and function combine with this stylish desk lamp. The minimalist design features eco-friendly LED lights and a sleek black finish, creating a great option for your contemporary space.

  • Kenroy Banker's lamp at Homemakers Furniture

    Kenroy Banker’s Lamp

    The classic banker’s lamp gets a fresh update with this elegant design. It features a natural slate base, dual column construction and a creamy glass shade, creating a great look for any transitional space.

  • Ashley Kylen metal desk lamp at Homemakers Furniture

    Ashley Kylen Metal Desk Lamp

    This modern desk lamp features an industrial base and matching shade showcased by a bronze finish.

Edison Lamps and Lightbulbs

Homemakers also carries Edison bulbs and unique lamps to house them. These exposed-filament bulbs are modeled after the ones developed by their namesake, Thomas Edison. Incorporating these bulbs into your home adds the perfect mix of warmth and industrial charm. buy bimatoprost online https://bethanyhealthcare.org/wp-content/languages/new/bimatoprost.html no prescription

  • Dovetail standing table lamp at Homemakers Furniture

    Dovetail Standing Table Lamp

    Brighten your space with this eye-catching table lamp. The contemporary design features industrial Edison bulbs, a deep gray finish and two lights to provide the ideal brightness for any setting.

  • Ashley Jaak floor lamp at Homemakers Furniture

    Ashley Jaak Metal Floor Lamp

    Urban refinement meets classic grace in this stylish floor lamp. This piece features three curved arms with Edison-style light bulbs and a bronze finish which is sure to add modern elegance to any space.

  • Kenroy Edison table lamp at Homemakers Furniture

    Kenroy Edison Table Lamp

    This cheeky, self-referential design features metal and glass construction showcased by the antique brass finish, creating a great look for your contemporary space.

  • Forty West Wyatt uplight lamp at Homemakers Furniture

    Forty West Wyatt Uplight Lamp

    Stylish design and industrial edge combine with this handsome lamp. The modern design features a carved poly base with wood-like details and open metalwork. The Edison bulb adds an inviting glow to any contemporary space.

  • Lite Source Lanterna floor lamp at Homemakers Furniture

    Lite Source Lanterna II Floor Lamp

    This stylish floor lamp puts a fresh spin on a classic design. It features a light enclosed by a metal cage that dangles from the scrolled hook base. The dark bronze finish adds warmth to any contemporary space.

Lamp Buying Tips

Once you know what kind of lamp works in your space, it’s time to shop! Here are some lamp buying tips to help you on your way!

  • Room Design

    Look at the design style of your room. Is it contemporary, rustic or traditional? If you don’t know, check out our design styles guide! Use this as your starting point and search for lamps that match the same style. If you can’t find the perfect fit, you can still search within different yet complementary styles. Don’t obsess over being matchy-matchy as long as the lamp complements your décor. Lori, our accessories buyer, encourages decorating with mismatched lamps! “We have over 350 different lamps in our store and there are so many beautiful looks. They can truly be like a piece of art in your room,” she says. “You wouldn’t buy two of the same piece of art for a room, so don’t be afraid to mix it up!”

  • Personality

    While style is important and you should look for something that complements the space, personality is just as critical! According to our visual designer Zach, personality is one of the biggest considerations he discusses with shoppers. “Don’t just choose a lamp because its budget friendly and the chrome matches your overhead light! Look for something with a little style that reflects your personality and really makes a statement,” he says. “Maybe you want a bright orange ceramic lamp in a modern space, a moody Edison bulb lamp with a wire cage in a downtown loft or a lamp that looks like a weathered architectural artifact in your farmhouse-style home.”

  • Scale

    Keep in mind the scale of the room and furniture surrounding your lamp so you can choose a fixture that is proportional to the rest of the room. Consider how tall the ceilings are and measure the height and width of any surfaces you plan to put lamps on. Looking at the overall size of a room can also help you decide how many and what types of lamps you need. “Often times, I see people use way too small of a lamp in a bedroom. If you have a king-size bed and use a little lamp just because it’s called a bedside lamp it will look like you used a dollhouse lamp,” Zach says. “If you have a soaring two-story family room you could probably use a taller lamp, and, likewise, if you have a small table you’re putting the lamp on, you don’t want the lamp to overpower the table and make it look top-heavy.”

  • Function

    Most likely, you aren’t just buying a lamp so that it can look pretty – you want it to work well, too! According to Zach, you should think about how you will use the lamp and look for one that functions the way you need it to. “In a bedroom, maybe you want a lamp with a three-way switch so you can turn it on low in the morning and not wake your spouse and then higher in the evening when you are reading in bed,” he says. “On a desk, a table lamp may look great but a desk lamp that is more task oriented will shine more direct light and usually allow you to position the light where you want it so you can reduce glare on a computer screen or focus on your craft project.”

  • Lamp Shade

    The color, shape and transparency of a lamp shade make big difference in how a lamp works in the space. It all depends on what you want your lamp to do. Translucent fabric shades are perfect for adding ambient light for reading while thick, opaque shades are great for setting the mood and adding direct light. Also, make sure to measure your shade. When it comes to table lamps in the bedroom or living room, a good rule of thumb is to measure where the line of sight would be when a person is sitting on the bed or sofa. Ideally, the middle of the lamp shade would be near the eye line of someone who is sitting down near the lamp.

  • Lamp Base

    Whether wood, metal, ceramic or glass, the possibilities for lamp base choices are endless! It primarily comes down to personal preference when choosing a lamp base, but there are a few decorating tips to keep in mind! A round lamp base tends to look best with a hexagonal or round shade and a square or angular base usually pairs well with a square shade. Also, thin bases are perfect for adding a delicate touch to a quiet area of your home but consider finding a thicker, sturdy base when lighting a high traffic area.Choose your lamp’s finish by finding elements in other areas of the room that the base’s finish can tie in with. For example, if your couch has bronze nail head trim, look for a lamp with a bronze finish!

  • Lightbulbs

    At Homemakers, we offer all types of lighting, including three-way switches that allow you to choose the amount needed for every situation. The bulbs, however, make a difference in every lamp! In general, look for a warm white color temperature bulb for living rooms and bedrooms, a bright white color temperature for kitchens and workspaces and a daylight color temperature for reading nooks and studies.

Lighting & Lamps Gallery

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