5 Home Decor Trends We Saw at 2017 Market

home decor trends

From floor to ceiling, your home is a representation of your personality and unique style. But, like the seasons, styles are constantly changing. That’s why Homemakers is constantly searching for the newest and hottest trends – so we can keep your home looking and feeling great!

Twice each year our accessory buyer, Lori, takes her search for the latest trends on the road. She, along with thousands of retailers and designers from across the country, travels to the most comprehensive furniture, home décor and gift market in the western United States.

Lori’s latest trip gave us a sneak peek into the emerging trends for this coming season and many of them can already be seen on our showroom floor! Here are five of the biggest trends we saw at the July Las Vegas Market.

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1. Metallic Gold

home decor trends Homemakers Furniture

Gold accents have been slowly making their way into home décor over the last couple of years and the trend is only growing more popular. Exuding more warmth and elegance than other metals, subtle golden hues now appear where silver was once standard.

At market, gold was everywhere from wall art and sculptures to lamps and furniture frames. Lori said, “I have been wearing gold jewelry for a while because it seems warmer to me than silver, so I just love that it has reached home furnishings too!” 

You can already find these hot styles in our showroom!

Overusing an '80s lacquered gold can still make your space look dated, but working in subtle pops of a deep antique gold adds classy flair. The trick is in choosing timeless accents with modern clean lines and maintaining a balance with your color palette. And don’t shy away from mixing metals!

“I think it really brightens a space, adding a sparkle and a little bit of a glam factor,” Lori said. “Especially for people who love decorating with woods, dark finishes and grays, these gold accents are perfect for adding a pop of glamor.”

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2. Hygge

home decor trends

Hygge (pronounce hoo-gah) is a Danish word used to describe a charming, special or cozy feeling. In your home, creating a hygge space means decorating with accessories that inspire feelings of comfort and contentment. It’s no wonder people are obsessed with hygge as a design trend when it makes you feel this relaxed!

I love the way this look makes you feel,” Lori said. “It has such a warm, inviting quality to it. It’s really calming and uses mainly neutrals like creams, grays and pastels. I can’t imagine anyone not liking this look.”

Incorporate this trend in your home by thinking of where you’ve experienced hygge before. You might know hygge as the comfort of wearing wool socks and oversized sweaters, the sweet scent of flickering candles or the warmth of holding a mug of hot chocolate in your hands. You might also feel hygge when reading a novel on a rainy Sunday afternoon or when sitting around a crackling fire with friends.

Draw inspiration from those comfortable feelings when choosing hygge décor and accessories like woven textiles, sheepskin rugs, warm fur blankets and pillows, macramé and nurturing cream hues. The result will make you dream of curling up in front of the fireplace.

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3. Mid-Century Modern

home decor trends

Everyone is loving the mid-century modern home design – and it’s clear to see why! Featuring organic shapes, graphic patterns, clean lines, splayed legs and contrasting textures, mid-century modern’s distinctive style has become an enduring interior design trend.

“You’ll see this style a lot in magazines; it’s a very trendy look right now,” Lori said. “I love this look because of all the clean lines. It’s not fussy. It’s pretty tailored and I love the retro feel of it.”

If you are loving this timeless trend as much as we are and want to incorporate this versatile, classic and alluring style in your home, get this look with Save, Spend, Splurge: Mid-Century Modern Style.

4. Saturated Color

home decor trends

Craving more color? You’re in luck! While neutral grays and creams are still popular, interior designs are slowly moving away from all white and gray décor. Instead, designers are embracing subtle pops of saturated color. At the market, colors from our 2017 fall palette accentuated otherwise neutral landscapes, including wine tones, purples and deep navy hues.

“I really love color, and I am so happy to see color making its way back into interior design,” Lori said. “I think pops of color add so much richness to a space that is otherwise filled with just creams and grays.”

If your space is full of calming neutrals and stylish clean lines but lacking the character that color adds to a room design, shop wall art, accent pillows and rugs. Choose the trendiest colors for your space when you explore our Pantone color series.

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5. Industrial

home decor trends

Steel, rough wood and Edison bulbs – oh my! Industrial styles have been popular for a while now but it’s still going strong. From metal lamp shades and wire to pulleys and carts, industrial décor has maintained its popularity in the marketplace.

According to Lori, ““I think this look stays popular because it blends so well with other styles. It pairs well with everything from farmhouse rustic styles to contemporary styles. You can use industrial pieces with almost any collection and it will blend well with almost any other style.”

No matter your design style, almost any room can shine with a touch of industrial chic and our showroom is full of industrial décor!

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