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[Updated for 2018]

Why did the skeleton go to the party alone? He had no body to go with him.

Once you get older and, perhaps, outgrow trick-or-treating, one of the best parts of Halloween is hosting a party. Homemakers wants to help you turn your home into a spooky party scene this Halloween. With our decoration, music and game ideas, you’ll have everything you need in order to host an adult Halloween party this year.

Decorations & DIYs

Along with the classic pumpkins and cobwebs, consider having a theme that your decorations can revolve around. Give yourself a basis for your decorations with a theme such as a classic Halloween theme with creepy fake blood and goblins, an elegant masquerade theme with gold pumpkins and extravagant decor or a fall harvest theme with rustic décor, scarecrows and more.

Classic Halloween Theme

First things first: set the mood with decorations. Create a scary first impression with front door décor such as wreaths and stickers. Next, begin decorating the house with other general décor that can be placed around the house such as spider webs, pumpkins and orange and purple lights.

If you want your guests to be on their toes all night long (and possibly have nightmares for a month), deck the house in hanging spiders, cobwebs, ravens, black ribbons, candles, red writing on the mirrors and walls and creepy statues of ghosts, zombies and other gory, unwelcome guests. Go a step further and rig the decorations to jump out at guests as they turn every corner!

Masquerade Halloween Theme

If you want to throw a more elegant party, start by creating a refined ambiance at your party. Flood your home with a blend of stark, black décor and pops of gold accents. White pumpkins covered in lace, feathers and ribbon can make a great accessory throughout your home. Use a tasteful table runner with an overflow of gold candle sticks and vases of crimson colored flowers. Bring out the Great Gatsby feel with pearls, champagne bottles, feathers and jewels.

Don’t forget to add the final touch to this theme by inviting your guests to don a mask with their costumes and dance the night away.

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Fall Harvest Halloween Theme

An autumnal harvest Halloween party can be easily done with scarecrows, hay bales and wooden décor. Metal or wooden pumpkins, along with mismatched table settings and antique décor make for a perfect rustic Halloween. DIY rustic name plates and wine charms with wooden slices and chalk, like we did! Pair these with mismatched antique plates, burlap placemats, pinecones and metal pumpkins that enrich the rustic theme.

adult Halloween party

DIY Wine Charms


  1. Wood slices (about ½”- 1” diameter)
  2. Chalkboard paint
  3. Chalk or chalk markers
  4. Twine
  5. A drill
adult Halloween party
adult Halloween party

For these adorable wine charms, drill small holes into the top of the slice (big enough for twine) and paint one side with the chalkboard paint. Once the paint dries, write the initials of your guests onto the chalkboard paint with the chalk marker, pull the string through and tie them around the stems of the wine glasses.

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DIY Name Plates


  1. Wood slices (about 3”- 4” diameter)
  2. Chalkboard paint
  3. Chalk or chalk markers
adult Halloween party

Paint one side of the wood slice with the chalkboard paint. Allow the paint to dry and write your guests’ names on the paint using the chalk marker. Place these on the table so your guests know where to sit during dinner, and let them take them home as a party favor!

DIY Mason Jar Lantern

These mason jars can be a fun, pre-party activity that create a classic, spooky Halloween look. Place them on the table, mantel or use them in your photo booth!

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adult Halloween party

Check out our blog post showing you how easy it so to make these spooky little jars! 

Halloween Music

What type of music do mummies listen to? Wrap music.

Music is a necessity at an adult Halloween party. It can turn an awkwardly silent get together into an enchanting party! If you pick the right playlist, your guests could end up dancing the night away.

Two of our favorite soundtracks on Spotify for Halloween are HALLOWEEN PLAYLIST and Halloween-Instrumental. During dinner, you can play the instrumental playlist for great background music. Once you want to get the dancing started, switch over to the Halloween playlist for classic Halloween tunes.



Pick Your Poison: Food & Cocktails

Whether you are gluten-free or not, Kristin of the blog Iowa Girl Eats has amazing recipes for parties. Soup is a great dinner to warm up your guests and making it in a  slow cooker allows you to add all of the ingredients to the pot and decorate your house while it cooks! This broccoli-cheddar potato soup is the way to our undead hearts.

Serving fun snacks is an easy way to add subtle, delicious details into your party. After dinner, along with your obligatory heaps of candy corn and other treats, provide yummy snacks such as chips and guacamole, caramel apples, snack mixes, brownies or whatever your favorite party treat is.

Don’t forget the bubbling cauldrons of cocktails!

adult Halloween party

We’ve posted about Halloween cocktails before and they’re devilishly good! Find the recipes for these drinks in our Halloween Cocktails & Drinks to Die For blog post!

  • Black Sangria
  • Pumpkin Spiced Horchata
  • A “Brain Hemorrhage” shot
  • Liquefied Ghost Martini
  • Halloween Sangria
  • Cider-Bourbon Halloween Cocktail

Party Games & Activities

These creative Halloween party games for adults are great for any party! Have some game instructions and materials in your back pocket for when your friends need a break from dancing and eating. Play a murder mystery game with your friend dressed as Sherlock Holmes, Halloween movie trivia games with the couple dressed as their favorite movie stars or charades with your friend dressed as a mime. Find these games and so much more here.

Don’t forget about a photo booth! Let your guests take pictures to remember the amazing night they had with a backdrop, props and a camera, use a Polaroid or even selfie sticks. Create some creepy props out of skewers and cardboard or use whatever Halloween decorations you can think of! Hang your DIY floating candles in the frame. Be creative with tassels, banners, lights or create your own backdrop out of balloon letters that spell out “SPOOKY” or “TRICK OR TREAT”. You can also use cardboard, a sheet or anything that will hang on your wall like paper, stickers and crepe paper!

While we’re on the topic of amazing Halloween activities…

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