HM Buying Guide: How to Make a Multipurpose Guest Room

multipurpose guest room

Giving your guest room a purpose, aside from being a room that’s used occasionally when you host guests, will help you get the most out of your home. We’ll help you create a multipurpose guest room without creating clutter or adding too much unnecessary furniture into the room.

When creating a multipurpose guest room, keep these elements in mind: multi-functional furniture, incorporated storage and minimalism.

Multifunctional Furniture = More Options

Furniture doesn’t always only have one purpose. A desk is a desk. It’s used in an office. BUT what else can it be used for? Use your imagination and think of other ways a desk could be utilized. Doing this with all of your furniture will allow you to create more space in any room. Since we’re focusing on multipurpose guest rooms, let’s chat about that.

Bed benches add storage and seating to your guest room. Find one with drawers and lift-tops and you can use it to store pillows, blankets, sheets and so much more! Store stuffed animals if your guest room doubles as a nursery. Save the space for your guests’ belongings or place your out-of-season shoes or clothes in there. Whatever you decide to use it for, bed benches are a great way to add seating, storage and style to your guest room.

You can place a desk between two twin size beds to function as a nightstand for your guest and as a desk when the room is being used as an office! With your desk, use chairs that can be easily stored underneath it, somewhere discreet, or can be used as something else within the room. A desk chair can also be used as a place to set blankets and pillows for your guests to use.

For a guest room that is also a nursery, a rocking chair can serve as a cozy place for your guests to read or watch Netflix, along with being used as a nursery rocker.

Futons and daybeds are optimal choices for a multipurpose guest room when you want more seating options during gatherings and, of course, are also cozy beds.

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Storage = More Space

A bed with incorporated storage will help you utilize every inch of space in your guest room. Using furniture for storage, as well as for its original purpose, leaves more room in the closets and other corners of the room for a crib, bookshelves or whatever furniture you need for your guest room’s second purpose.

Bookshelves and nightstands are helpful ways to add large amounts of storage in a small space. Nightstands can add extra shelves or drawers for your guests’ nighttime necessities and bookshelves make a great addition for office and library storage without taking up too much floor space.

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Minimalism = Less Clutter

Keep decorations to a minimum. Each part of your multipurpose room is valuable. Lamps and alarm clocks are always helpful, but aside from that, try keep the décor on the walls as much as possible. Think about how necessary each thing in the room is.

Beds, benches, chairs, futons, desks… These are all pieces of furniture that can help create a minimalistic, open space in your guest room whether it’s also used as an office, nursery, storage room or anything else!

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Feeling inspired?

What tips and tricks have you used for your multipurpose guest room? Let us know!


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