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[Updated 12/18/2018]

So maybe you’ve read about hygge in our post about the market trends or maybe you’ve never heard of it. What is it? A meal? A new piece of furniture or a new style?

Hygge (hoo-gah) is a Danish word for a particular feeling. It’s a feeling of coziness and comfort, creating the feeling of warmth and contentment. Though you can’t buy hygge, your surroundings can help you to be more present and worry-free, which is what hygge is all about. Though you might immediately think of fur, shag carpets and warm and neutral color schemes, the only way to create a truly hygge environment is to do what makes you feel more comfortable at home.

What Inspires Hygge Moments?

  1. Eat with family and friends around the dinner table. Enjoying the company of each other is the epitome of hygge. Everyone is in the moment, not worrying about anything, just enjoying food and sharing laughter.
  2. Light candles and read a book. Enjoy a good chapter in your book or scoop up a magazine or the newspaper. Find the coziest chair in your home and cuddle up with your warmest blanket and get lost in another world by reading.
  3. Drink hot cocoa by the fireplace! Spend the evening alone with your thoughts and a big mug of hot cocoa, or your favorite warm beverage, by a nice and toasty fire.
  4. Turn your phone off at night. Give yourself a break from technology and turn your phone off a few hours before you go to sleep. Spend this time reading, chatting or writing in a journal.
  5. Simplify your home. Keep decorations at a minimum with warm colors and bountiful plants that bring life into your home.
  6. Wear fuzzy socks. We’ve never met somebody who didn’t love a fresh pair of fuzzy socks.
  7. Go for a walk and smell the roses. Enjoy all of the simple things in life, whether it’s making time to go for a short walk, watching the sunsets and sunrises or literally stopping to smell the roses. Being outdoors can help you reconnect with nature, feel peaceful and relaxed.
  8. Make time in the morning to sit and relax. You don’t even have to go outside to feel peaceful. Taking a few minutes to yourself before the hustle and bustle of your day can allow you to be relaxed throughout the day.
  9. Take a bubble bath. One of the most relaxing things to do. Ever. Add your favorite bath bomb or bubble bath, play some calming music and just simmer down after a long day.

A big part of hygge is creating a cozy, warm atmosphere. Using color schemes with warm colors can help your home feel welcoming. Make your entire home feel like a breath of fresh air with a fresh update on your accents, walls and furniture finishes. The 2018 fall pantone color palette is a splendid palette to use as your home color scheme.

Hygge Décor and Furniture

Furniture and décor are some other things that can help turn your home into a comfortable sanctuary for you and your guests. Make everywhere you go in your home your happy place with our favorite hyggelig (hygge-like) furniture.

Dining Tables

Socializing is an important part of hygge. Great food and delightful conversations are enjoyed at the dinner table. Make sure your dining table and couches are big enough for all of the gatherings you host.


Accent Furniture

Soft and cuddly accents can help you feel comfortable. In case we haven’t said it enough, feeling cozy is the epitome of Hygge. What better way to accomplish that than with cozy accent furniture such as poufs, floor pillows and cuddly chairs throughout the rooms of your home?


Fireplaces and Lamps

Adding warmth to your home can also create a relaxing and inviting space. Whether you create most of your hyggelig moments with guests or alone, fireplaces and the right lighting can create a warm space (literally and figuratively) for everyone involved. The pleasing ambiance will allow you to be in the moment.

  1.  Ashley Gavelston TV Stand with Fireplace
  2. Sunny Designs Sedona Fireplace Console no longer available
  3. Ashley Cutris S/2 Table Lamps no longer available
  4.  Ashley Tabeal Wood Table Lamp
  5. Lite Source Linterna Arch Floor Lamp

Sofas and Sectionals

We think the chunky couch trend goes perfectly with creating hygge moments. They are cozy, easy to snuggle into and if you get one that’s the right size, can fit everyone you love. A warm and sleek leather couch or a chunky, plush couch are what come to mind to us! But remember in order to feel the coziest, it has to be one that you adore!



Keep your toes cozy with a rug! The softer, the better. We love faux fur rugs that feel like they’re embracing our toes while we relax. If you’re torn between two rug sizes, go with the bigger size. We don’t think it’s possible to have too many rugs in a home and if you love rugs as much as we do, try the rug layering trend!

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Bedding and Comforter Sets

There aren’t many better feelings than getting into bed and relaxing after a long day. This hygge moment can be enhanced by these bedding sets. The natural color can help calm you, the softness will help you fall asleep and they feel like a big hug right when you hop under the covers with your favorite book.

higgle furniture decor Homemakers Furniture
  1. Sis Covers Tattered Almond 6-Piece Queen Duvet Set
  2. Sis Covers Sparkly Mushroom King Duvet Set
  3. Ashley Clarksdale Natural 3-Piece Queen Duvet Cover Set no longer available
  4. Sis Covers Draper Plum 6-Piece King Duvet Set
  5. Hampton Hill Attingham 7-Piece Full/Queen Coverlet Set
  6. Ashley Voltos Brown 3-Piece King Duvet Set

Although hygge is something we desire throughout the whole year (who doesn’t love fuzzy socks and candles all year long?), cold weather has us wanting to cozy up next to a fireplace with our family and friends, enjoying the moment, drinking hot cocoa. Can it get more hygge than that?

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