2018 Trends: 10 Home Decor Styles We Love Already

2018 trends Homemakers Furniture

It’s a whole new year and an entirely new you! With 2017 in the books, it’s time to reflect on the past year and make your resolutions. Number one? Give your home a stylish refresh with 2018 trends that showcase both your personality and the latest furniture and décor tastes.

From throwback 70s era favorites to ultra-modern updates, Homemakers is here to help give your space a chic new look. With the help of the Pinterest 100, we’re predicting 10 of the hottest home design trends that will be all the rage in 2018.

2018 Trends in Furniture and Accessories

1. Earthy, French Country-Inspired Designs
2018 trends Homemakers Furniture

French Country style isn’t exactly new, but it’s definitely growing in popularity! With so much going on in the world, more people are leaning toward soothing colors and finding a balance between the old and new. So, it’s no wonder people are loving this style. It’s all about combining simple elegance with country charm, mixing styles and giving your home a natural vibe that is super on-trend.

To get this look, draw inspiration from the French countryside. Choose a variety of pieces from weathered vintage decor to streamlined and modern furnishings. Mixing raw and defined or bold and elegant pieces together allows your space to appear unique yet comfortable. Keep the bigger picture in mind and choose elements of each piece that can tie them together in the space.

When choosing your color scheme, incorporate hues that remind you of nature like blue, lavender and even yellow. You can keep a subtle atmosphere by using pastel tones or use bold pops of these colors. Don’t forget to use plenty of sage, the newest neutral go-to! According to Pinterest, who released the Top 100 list for 2018 trends, saves for this gentle green hue went up 170 percent.

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2. Gold and Mixed Metal Accents

Gold accents have been slowly moving their way back into home décor over the last couple of years, replacing traditional silver finishes and mixed with other metals. Since we first saw this trend in 2017, this metal has only grown hotter and will be taking over completely in 2018.

Warm metals like rose gold, brass and copper pair well with most styles and mesh with every color palette, making it a great way to change things up. Light golden hues tend to add a lot more warmth than silver. To really succeed with this look, however, you should be careful not to overdo it! Using too much lacquered gold can still make your home look dated, but working in subtle pops of a deep gold adds classy flair.

If you really want to mix it up and prevent that aged look, mix your gold with other metal types in the same space – or even the same furniture piece! Mixing gold with other, more traditional finishes creates a glamorous look that you’ll adore. Saves for mixed metals went up by 423 percent, according to Pinterest. 

3. Bohemian and Urban Boho Accessories
2018 trends Homemakers Furniture

If you want your home to feel full of life and culture, showcase an off-the-wall and eccentric personality and embrace a carefree and relaxed style, then look no further. Bohemian decorating means not following rules, specific trends or patterns Not following trends is a trend too!

Style your bohemian home by thinking with the heart and focusing on creativity, adventure and freedom from conventions. Use intense colors and one-of-a-kind patterns like herringbone, which saw a 131 percent increase in saves on Pinterest. The result will have elements of boldness, shabby eclecticism and an artistic magnificence.

Fringe and macramé accents will also be a popular accent in 2018 and would look right at home in a bohemian styled space. We think you’ll start seeing this trend on everything from pillows and wall hangings to ottomans and accent pieces.

Another great and trendy way to decorate a bohemian home (or any other design style) is with plants! House plants with vibrant, patterned foliage saw a significant uptick in saves on Pinterest – 533 percent to be exact! And it’s not all about looking good; plants can also clean the air and provide health benefits. Saves for air-purifying plants on Pinterest went up by 270 percent. Stylish and good for your home? Yes please!

Love how bohemian looks but prefer something fresher? Consider urban boho instead. This style boasts the best of bohemian elements while appearing more crisp and modern. Combine macramé, rattan, bright colors and textiles with chic furniture pieces and décor. Voilà!

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4. Art that Makes a Statement
2018 trends Homemakers Furniture

Your home is a reflection of your personality, so decorating with pieces that showcase that personality is a great way to add character to your space. One of the best places to make that statement is on your walls.

Hang large wall art pieces above your sofa, headboard or dining table to create a beautiful focal point. Combine smaller pieces in a variety of sizes to create an eye-catching gallery wall. Shop 3-D wall art and incorporate them around your home. No matter how you choose to style your wall, they are sure to add trendy appeal to your space. According to Pinterest, saves for “big wall art” increased by 637 percent, making it a perfect way to upgrade your home!

Already have the wall covered but looking for other bold ideas? According to Pinterest, statement ceilings are in! Saves for this unique addition went up 310 percent. A striking paint color or wallpaper on your ceiling adds awe-inspiring depth and texture to a space and can truly transform a room.

Fun décor and accessories, both seasonal and year-round accents, are another great way to express yourself. Check out our marketplace for the latest and greatest accessories for your home!

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5. Urban Romantic Style
2018 trends Homemakers Furniture

Stylish, serene, chic and neutral: all great ways to describe the home of your dreams. Also, perfect ways to describe the romantic interior home design!

When you think of romance, do you picture candlelit dinners, pastels, lace and floral patterns? If you do, then you have the right idea. Romantic style appeals to the senses with soft fabrics, subtle color palettes, classically feminine furnishings and beautifully scented candles. These elements combine with vintage touches to make you feel comfortable and luxurious.

What if you want a romantic space but also yearn for that worn and rustic vibe? Enter the urban romantic, or romantic industrialist, style. It’s still about comfort and thrives on feminine touches but also combines with faded plaster, rustic brick and mixed metal accents. The industrial charm and cottage atmosphere create a delicate and unexpected look.

Achieve this look by mixing textures and fabrics, including gold metal accents, and maintaining a pastel, cream and gray palette. Incorporate raw woods, exposed brick, rusted metal and darker pops of color to take the classic idea of romance to the next level.

6. Create a Hygge Atmosphere
2018 trends Homemakers Furniture

Another style that’s all about comfort: hygge (hoo-gah)! When we first introduced this concept, it was just starting to catch people’s eyes. In 2018, however, hygge is going to keep getting more popular. How can it not? Everyone wants to make their home cozier!

What is hygge? It isn’t just a style and isn’t technically a trend – it’s a Danish word that describes a feeling of warmth and contentment. It’s that feeling when you spend an evening with family and friends, read a book in bed, drink hot cocoa by the fireplace or relax in a bubble bath. Hygge is when you feel completely at peace.

Since it’s a feeling, you can’t really buy hygge. Instead, you have to find furnishings and décor that can create and inspire that feeling. For most people, that means sticking to a subtle palette of cream, gray and pastel hues, finding oversized and plush furniture pieces and filling your home with sweet scents and gentle lighting. Determining what unique decor makes you feel hygge is the key to nailing this look.

If you want to turn your home into a cozy haven, Homemakers is here to help teach you how to create a hygge home.

7. Moody Color Palettes
2018 trends Homemakers Furniture

 In December 2017, the Pantone Color Institute announced the color of the year for 2018: ultra violet. While the bold hue came as a surprise to some, it makes sense for those who are beginning to lean toward moodier palettes.

Pantone is a consulting service that forecasts global color trends. They are recognized around the world as a leading source of color information and their annual Color of the Year selection provides direction for the world of trend and design.

On the Pantone website, they state that ultra violet “is often associated with mindfulness practices, which offer a higher ground to those seeking refuge from today’s over-stimulated world.” It symbolizes unconventionality, experimentation and imagination.

While many are decorating their homes in creams and pastels, as a few of these upcoming trends require, others are looking to make bolder statements and darken their palettes. After years of all-white interiors, this appealing trend allows you to create a richer space. Utilize colors like ruby red, dark blue and Pantone’s ultra violet. Incorporate other trends like velvet furniture (keep reading to learn more!) and accentuate the space with jewel tones. Make sure you don’t make the space too moody by creating a statement wall or allowing plenty of natural lighting.

8. Mid-Century Modern Style
2018 trends Homemakers Furniture

The retro and modern fusion craze continues into 2018! Mid-century modern has been one of the most popular design styles of the last five decades and is an enduring look that is both versatile and distinctive.

Filled with organic wood tones, clean lines and minimalistic detail, this style is all about keeping it simple. Arched floor lamps, hairpin or splayed legs and pared-down geometric forms are all tell-tale signs of a mid-century look and are perfect for any home.

One of the hottest upcoming trends that will blend in perfectly with this style is terrazzo. The long-forgotten flooring of the 70s is back and can bring a fun, bright element to your space. The flat yet complex pattern creates texture that looks cool and modern when mixed with various décor styles. Terrazzo saves on Pinterest increased by 316 percent, so you can expect to find fabrics, rugs and decorative items with this on-trend look in 2018.

9. Velvet Furniture
2018 trends Homemakers Furniture

From fashion accessories to home décor, velvet is the fabric that everyone is talking about. While the fabric has been around for years, it has really picked up in popularity and will continue soaring into 2018.

But why stop at dresses and decorations? Start with throw pillows, drapes and bedding. Then go the extra mile to make your living space look comfy, stylish and trendy: velvet furniture!

Whether you are creating a lavish home office or upgrading your living space, adding velvet to your home makes it look luxurious and dramatic. It’s also versatile- make it a quirky addition to an eclectic or bohemian room or add flair to transitional and mid-century styles. Plus, the super soft texture is cozy and sure to please your guests!

10. Modern Farmhouse Furniture and Decor
2018 trends Homemakers Furniture

Rustic, farmhouse-inspired furniture and décor is not going anywhere anytime soon, but it is about to morph into a something more modern and versatile!

It’s easy to see why this trend sticks around with popular features like distressed wood, DIY elements and whimsical details like fairy lights, galvanized metal and warm tones. It has been a trendy look for the past few years, partially due to Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Home pulling it off so flawlessly. However, it is due for a refresh and in 2018 more people will shift from rustic country into modern farmhouse style.

Featuring a more contemporary look, this style combines up-to-date designs with raw materials without appearing too rustic, giving your space a chic yet down-to-Earth update. The fresh look successfully incorporates countryside style with urban flair, making it homey without seeming as niche. It’s the best of both worlds!

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