How to Keep New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

New Year's resolutions

Product pictured above: Ashley Harleson Sofa

[Updated for 2020]

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions for the year? According to an article from Business Insider, 80% of Americans didn’t keep up with their resolutions through February in 2017! Let’s change that this year. This post is full of resources and pieces of advice to help you keep your home resolutions in 2018!

In 2019, my New Year’s resolutions are to…

1. Refresh my home

If one of your resolutions is to update the furniture, style or general feel in your home, here are a few easy things you can do in your home to give it a new vibe:

  • Change hardware. Something that can make a huge difference in your home without breaking the bank is to find new hardware for your existing furniture.
  • Is it time for a new color? Add a fresh layer of new paint to any room in your home to make it feel brand new! Go with one of the colors from the 2019 Pantone palette.
  • If you love your current couch and don’t need a new living room set, consider adding an accent chair or wall décor. This can easily spruce up any room in your home!
  • Find a new bed or headboard. Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, make sure it’s something that makes you feel cozy. Upholstered headboards are one of our favorite trends. There are so many options from a variety of price points and color variations.

Don’t forget about these inexpensive ways to update your bedroom in one day!

Shop Furniture and Accessories for Simple Home Updates: 

  • New Year's resolutions

    Sams International Sonoma Colburn Gray 5' X 8' Rug

    A geometric rug is a perfect addition to any contemporary home. This rug would be perfect with a gray living room palette, a neutral bedroom or it would make a perfect neutral anchor for a vibrant eclectic home. We love the versatility of this rug!

  • New Year's resolutions

    Sis Covers Draper Pewter 6-Piece Queen Duvet Set

    A neutral duvet set can give your bedroom a reset. Against colorful walls and accents, this dark gray duvet set will add a striking contrast. This velvety set has everything you need in order to sleep comfortably and stylishly.

  • new year's resolutions

    Ashley Doniel Accent Mirror (Set Of 2)

    Reminiscent of beautiful fireworks in the sky, these mirrors are a stunning accent piece for any home. The utility and the style combine in this mirror, giving your home an eye-catching radiance.

  • New Year's Resolutions

    C.M.I. Queen Upholstered Bed

    This is a simple and classic upholstered bed that can be added to any bedroom. The gray fabric allows you to add any color or style of bedding and will add a modern vibe to any home.

2. Sleep Better

New Year's resolutions

Product pictured above: TempurPedic Tempur-Cloud Elite Mattress

How do you sleep? The age of your mattress, the feel and the coils are all factors that can affect your nights.

If you sleep hot, avoid thick pillow tops. The foam will surround your body, not allowing it to cool down. Omaha Bedding’s Ensure Gel Memory Foam Mattress has a top layer of Cool Comfort gel to help airflow, keeping you cooler. Perhaps you should consider a new pillow and sheets to allow your body to cool down as well. Mattresses made of foam or with individually-wrapped coils like this Serta Sedgewick firm mattress can help reduce motion transfer. This is great if you and your partner share a bed.

Bed-in-a-box mattresses are another new trend we are loving! Read up on our selection and the benefits of bed-in-a-box mattresses here.

In addition, the position in which you sleep can and should help you determine what type of mattress you need.

Side Sleepers

Side Sleepers normally need a pillow top or plush mattress that will conform to their hips and shoulder, relieving pressure points in those areas.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers also usually need a plush mattress or a cushion firm mattress so it can fill in the small of the back and relieve pressure points on the shoulder blades.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers normally need a firm to plush mattress to keep their spine aligned.

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3. Host More Parties

New Year's resolutions

Ashley Chadoni Server

One of the greatest things in life is being able to host friends and family, whether it’s for Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day or any other event. We think it’s great that this is your New Year’s resolution! One of the most difficult things is preparing your home for guests to come.

Remember to keep your resolutions simple and doable. If you’ve never hosted a party before, maybe start with a small get-together for a game night or a dinner. No one said you have to host an Easter feast as your first party!

What’s running through your mind right before hosting a party? Do you need to prepare a guest room? Is the bathroom clean and the kitchen tidy? Do you have enough seating in the living room for game night? We’re here to help with those questions!

If you’re hosting often, consider adding a sleeper sofa to your home so you can utilize your living room as a guest room.

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Remember to always keep your home clean, or at least at a manageable mess, so you can prepare your house within a few minutes if guests arrive early. Which brings us to our next New Year's resolution!

4. Keep the house clean

New Year's resolutions

Pulaski Farrah Queen Bedroom Set

How can you keep your cleanliness level manageable? Follow a weekly cleaning schedule based on your needs. We’ve created one for you to use, along with a daily checklist and a monthly one as well. Feel free to enlist help with cleaning as well!

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5. Be more organized

New Year's resolutions
New Year's resolutions

Legacy Classic Rachael Ray Highline Sliding Door Chest

The main thing about organization is having a place for everything you own. How can you put something away if it doesn’t have a home? So step one to being more organized is making sure everything in your home has a place to live.

Step two is to ensure you have enough storage. Make sure your existing book shelves, TV stands and cabinets are large enough for your needs!

If you need more storage options, you can choose  pieces that look good. It’s okay to have a few plastic tubs for out-of-season home goods, but not everything should be tucked away like that.

 Store the things you don’t need out in the open within hidden storage furniture. Use ottomans as a fun way to store your throw blankets and pillows. 

We gathered some of our favorite storage furniture that just happens to be super stylish. Use them to help you stay organized and chic! 

  • New Year's resolutions Smith Brothers ottoman Homemakers Furniture

    Smith Brothers 901 Collection Storage Ottoman

    This storage ottoman would look great in your living room or at the foot of your bed. You could store shoes in it or keep it in your entryway as a lovely introduction into your home. The gray, foam top makes for a good spot for additional seating.

  • New Year's resolutions CBK tables Homemakers Furniture

    CBK Set Of 2 Nested Tables

    In the name of de-cluttering and being organized, these tables are the best. Not only could you store one within the other if you needed more space, but you can also store magazines, throw blankets or anything else in them! The rustic feel of these nesting tables will add charm to your living room or bedroom. Use this set as end tables, accent tables or nightstands in your master bedroom!

  • New Year's resolutions Liberty Hearthstone bench Homemakers Furniture

    Liberty Hearthstone Occasional White Cubby Storage Bench

    This cubby storage gives a cottage vibe to any entryway. It’s an ideal solution for storing shoes and other outdoor accessories. It includes six cubbies with three storage baskets. The white finish and clean lines make this a sleek addition to your home.

  • New Year's resolutions Coaster bookcase Homemakers Furniture

    Coaster Corner Bookcase

    If you’re looking for book storage but you don’t want or can’t afford to take up wall space, go for a corner bookcase! Going vertical is always a great solution for space optimization. This one from Coaster has a beautiful brown finish that can fit into almost any home.

Tell us about your New Year's resolutions!

You now have what it takes to transform your home for the new year! We hope you stay empowered throughout the year and keep giving your home the love it deserves. Take the jump and add simple details to your home that will make a big difference! Happy New Year!

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