5 Hallway Decorating Tips You Need to Know

hallway decorating tips

When it comes to decorating your home, you want everything from the living room to the bedroom to be perfect. But what about those spaces in between? Your home’s hallways, corridors and stairwells are some of the most important areas of your home. They are also the most neglected.

You and your guests spend a lot of time traveling through these transitional spaces. Yet, most hallways are simply painted a neutral tone and then left bare. Leaving a hallway or stairwell untouched can make your home feel incomplete and underutilized. Instead, add multipurpose furnishings and décor to your hallways with these hallway decorating tips.

Decorating Your Hallway in 5 Steps

1. Hallway Decorating Basics

Know Your Hallway’s Layout

The first step to decorating any space in your home is determining what you have to work with. From the area’s size to any obstacles you’d need to work around, mapping out your space lets you plan for furniture, paint colors and function.

Start by considering three key questions:

  • What is the length and width of the space?
  • Are there doors and/ or windows? Where are they?
  • What is happening at each entrance/ exit?

Even if you have a long and narrow hallway with multiple doors but no windows, you can turn your hallway into a welcoming space. By considering the length and width of the hallway, you can decide whether to incorporate furniture, picture frames, shelves or benches without disrupting traffic flow.

Knowing where doors and windows are located before redesigning your corridor is also an important consideration. These can dictate where certain elements are placed, as well as the natural lighting available.

Perhaps most importantly, pay attention to the color palette, style and purpose of rooms connected to your hallway. Since the hallway is a transitional space leading from one room to another, this information plays a vital role in how it should be painted and decorated. That way, you can create a corridor that looks complete and stylish.

Choose the Right Paint Colors

Once you’ve mapped out the layout and size of your hallway, as well as the color palettes of adjoining rooms, it’s time to choose a paint color (or colors)!

Your home’s color schemes impact you each day. From warm and cozy vibes to more refreshing atmospheres, using color psychology is a great way to choose paint colors and make guests feel soothed and at home.

hallway decorating tips

The Pantone Color Institute’s seasonal color palette is a great place to start looking for your hallway’s ideal hue. Colors like 2018’s Warm Sand, Coconut Milk, Almost Mauve and Harbor Mist are light and versatile. Darker hues, like Emperador and Sailor Blue, are also great choices that add dramatic edge.

Opt for the lighter tones if your hallway or stairwell is narrow or dark. Light and reflective hues make your space feel both wider and brighter, creating an inviting look. Wallpaper is also ideal for narrow spaces because it adds visual interest and personality.

You can also counteract low ceilings and make a hallway feel taller by painting the ceiling a different color than the walls.

If you’re craving more color in your home, a hallway is also the perfect spot for incorporating that. However, you should avoid using primary colors. These hues often give off too much stimulation and can make your hallway feel busy rather than warm.

Adding painted details or a vibrant statement wall is a fantastic way to bring in those pops of color into your hallway. Pantone’s Pink Lavender, Blooming Dahlia, Little Boy Blue, Meadowlark, Spring Crocus and Arcadia are sure to look stunning in your space.

2. Furnishing Your Hallway, Corridor or Stairwell

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 Now that you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to give your hallway a multifunctional purpose. By adding furniture and storage solutions to your space, your hallway is sure to transform from lackluster to stunning.

That said, not every hallway layout will allow room for furnishings. However, you may be able to utilize dead space at the end of your hallway and spots beside doors. Narrow hallways may even have just enough room to fit a skinny console table or shelf. All it takes is a little creativity when arranging furniture!

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Console Tables and Sofa Tables

Choosing the right console table or sofa table will largely depend on the space available. Does your hallway require a skinny console that doesn’t impede traffic? Would you prefer a long table that spans the entire length of a shorter wall?

You’ll also want to keep your home’s design style in mind. At Homemakers, we carry a range of styles from rustic, country-inspired looks to contemporary designs. Choose a console or sofa table that reflects your home’s atmosphere to create a cohesive look.

Accent Chairs and Benches

Accent chairs and benches are both versatile and stylish. Including one or two in your hallway turns a simple, transitional space into a calming spot where you can sit and relax.

In most spaces, it will be important to find a chair that is both comfortable and small. Benches are also great options and can even add convenient storage. With a variety of colors and prints, you are sure to find an eye-catching chair for your space when you shop furniture at our Des Moines showroom.

Creative Storage Solutions

If you have a wide hallway, then you’re in luck! This type of space is perfect for incorporating not only console tables and accent chairs, but also creative storage solutions that save room throughout the rest of your home.

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If your home is too small for a home office, a wide hallway is the perfect place to line with bookshelves for a sophisticated look you’ll love. Hall trees are ideal for corridors located at the entrance to your home, or even outside of a bedroom. Other storage solutions, like nesting tables and storage benches, work in both wide and narrow spaces to save room.

3. Showcase Wall Art and Photographs

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Your hallway is a blank canvas. Even with wallpaper or colorful paint, your hallway isn’t complete until you hang wall art, mirrors and photographs on the wall.

To create a truly breathtaking look, you can create a gallery wall. Whether you cover your wall from floor to ceiling or hang large art pieces in a line, a gallery wall adds instant interest to your space. Plus, it can succeed even in narrow halls!

Before you put any nails in your wall, trace the shape of your frames onto paper. Cut the shapes out and tape them to the wall, arranging them until it’s perfect. This way, you can visualize how the wall will look without creating holes.

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Another great way to accentuate your hallway is to add a large mirror. It not only makes a space look larger (wider or longer depending on where it is placed) but can also make it brighter. Hang the mirror across from a window or light source where it can reflect the light and you’ll love the result.

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 4. Add Finishing Touches with Rugs and Plants

Runner Rugs

A gorgeous runner rug to your hallway is like the icing on a cake – your hallway just isn’t as good without it!

To find the runner that best fits your space, start by measuring the width of your hall. Most narrow hallways are about 3 feet wide, making a 2-foot runner rug a perfect choice. If your hallway is bigger, however, you may need to look at other size options. Ideally, you should always leave approximately 6 inches of floor showing on each side of the rug.

Rugs also come in a range of styles. Before shopping, you should determine what types of rug styles will best complement your space. The style of rug may also be determined by what type of flooring the rug is sitting on top of.

Whatever runner you choose, make sure you also purchase a rug pad or grips that will keep your runner from slipping.


Walls are painted, furniture is arranged, and the space is perfectly decorated. But still, something is missing…

If your space still feels lifeless, we have the solution for you: decorating with houseplants! No matter what room you add plants to, they are sure to add fresh style to your space. In your hallways, houseplants are a great way to decorate and add color.

To get the most out of houseplants without overfilling your already narrow hallway, try mounting a staghorn fern, placing potted plants on your console table, lining succulent pots along a windowsill or placing a floor plant near your door.

If your hallway lacks natural light or you don’t possess a green thumb, you can still reap the benefits of houseplant décor. At Homemakers, we have a variety of artificial plants including faux fiddle-leaf figs, succulents, flowers and more.


5. Find Inspiration from People Like You

If you’re still unsure of how you can best showcase your home’s hallways, stairwells and corridors, look to homeowners like you for inspiration. These Instastylists are masters of decorating their hallways and giving us some serious #hallwaygoals.

Show Off Your Hallway Décor!

Have you decorated your home’s hallways? Want to share a few more tips and tricks? We want to see and hear them! Show us your hallways, stairwells and corridors and tell us how you mastered the look using the icons below.

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