4 Easy and Stylish Kid Bedroom Themes and Style Ideas

kid bedroom themes

Pictured above: Donco Trading Co Treehouse Loft Bed

We’re here to help you create a dream kid bedroom! These four kid bedroom themes make it easy for you to style your child’s room and stay true to what he or she loves as well. We’re sure you’ll find something that both you and your kids will love!

4 Kid Bedroom Themes and Style Ideas

Adventure-Themed Kid Bedroom

kid bedroom themes

Donco Trading Co Treehouse Loft Bed

Perfect for the aspiring traveler, outdoor enthusiast or future zoologist, an adventure-themed bedroom has it all. Include a loft bed to climb to the tallest heights or interesting wall décor with the faces of animals. From comforters and beds to décor, find everything your adventure-seeker needs at Homemakers!

kid bedroom themes
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Princess-Themed Kid Bedroom

If your child loves Disney princesses and if you love crisp white furniture, a princess-themed kid bedroom is what you need! Add light pink bedding to a bed with a tufted, upholstered frame to add a royal touch. 

kid bedroom themes
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Floral Inspiration for Kid Bedroom

This floral kid bedroom theme is a dreamy one for sure! Does your child love to pick flowers? Decorate his or her room with floral-inspired furniture and accessories. A canopy bed or a French-style armoire has the traditional appeal that complements floral accents.

Traditional furniture is a perfect style complement to this garden-esque room. A pink ruffled comforter will tie together a floral room full of pastels.

kid bedroom themes
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Sports Kid Bedroom Themes

If your child loves playing sports, be inspired by these sports-themed bedroom ideas! Whether he or she aspires to be a professional soccer player or enjoy tag football, it can be fun to have a bedroom that inspires activity and fun.

  • kid bedroom themes

    A soccer-themed bedroom is the perfect way to add a fun, active style to your kid's room. Think back to when you were a kid: would you have loved a room with a goalkeeper daybed and a soccer chair? We sure would!

  • kid bedroom themes

    Make every night feel like you’re under the Friday night lights with a football-inspired kid bedroom. This furniture makes for a fun, creative room theme.

  • kid bedroom themes

    Create a dreamy basketball-themed room with this interactive loft bed, locker storage and court-inspired furniture.

  • kid bedroom themes

    Hit a home run with baseball-themed furniture! The Hallmart Home Run 5-piece comforter set is reversible, making it a must-have for this bedroom theme!

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Other Great Tips for Creating a Dream Kid Room

Bunk Beds & Lofts
kid bedroom themes

Ashley Leo Bunk Beds

We’ve never known a kid to turn down the possibility of having a bunk bed or loft bed. Did you have one as a child? How fun was it when you had sleepovers? Or maybe you used the top bunk mainly as a place for your stuffed animals to sleep… Either way, parents can’t go wrong with a bunk bed!

Loft beds are a great way to use vertical space. Arrange a study space below the bed for a peaceful area to work on homework and crafts. Lofts are the perfect place to have a desk, dresser or storage furniture.

Trundle Beds
kid bedroom themes

Standard Furniture Lindsey Twin Daybed with Trundle

Trundle beds are another space-saver, using vertical space for another mattress. Instead of a permanent second bed in a bunk bed, trundles allow you to hide the second mattress when it’s not in use. These are great for sleepovers!

Sheets and Bedding
kid bedroom ideas

Ashley Dreamur Full Bed

Sheets and comforters are the perfect supplies for building forts! Use these twin Dreamguard sheets as bedding and let your children use them to create an ideal spot to read books, play pretend and create a world of their own!

Share your kid bedroom themes!

Decorating a kid's room can be a difficult task. But if you stick to one color palette or style, it won’t seem so daunting! We hope you now know how simple it can be to create your child’s dream bedroom.

What ideas do you have for a kid bedroom theme? Let us know with the social icons below!

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