How to Style the Perfect Patio in 4 Steps

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As spring comes to greet us, we can’t help but think of patio season. We’re ready to decorate our outdoor spaces and enjoy cool drinks in the warmth of the sun. If you’re looking forward to decorating your patio this season, you may need some direction! We’re here to turn your blank slate into your dream outdoor oasis with a few tips and patio decor and style ideas.

1. Pick the Right Outdoor Seating

Something to keep in mind while decorating your patio is the purpose of the patio. Do you like to entertain large groups or host small gatherings? Do you want to have fires or board game nights? Considering the use of your patio can help determine which patio seating you need.

Modular Lounge

patio decor

Ashley Loughran 4-Piece Wicker Outdoor Sectional Set

Use a modular sectional as your patio’s focal point. Modular sectionals are some of the most versatile furniture pieces you can incorporate into your space. They are easily transformed to accommodate and make the most of the layout of your patio. You can also add a chaise lounge or a foot rest to create lounging space. Set your drinks down on a sturdy ottoman. Adding an outdoor rug or putting a fire pit in the middle will create a dynamic space for entertaining outdoors. 


patio decor

Ashley Beachcroft 6-Piece Outdoor Dining Set

If you want to facilitate socializing while entertaining outdoors, a classic dining table is the way to go. A dining table is perfect for creating a quaint restaurant vibe. Perfect for the chef of the family, dinner tables make a great place to gather for game nights, small dinner parties or Sunday brunch.  

A patio umbrella can be a helpful decoration piece, while also providing a useful function. A colorful umbrella can enhance your color scheme while protecting your guests from the sun during daytime gatherings.


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Ashley Perrymount Fire Pit Bar And 4 Stools

Great for the entertainer, a bar creates enough space for a few seats while allowing for more open patio space for dancing, moving about or just hanging out.

If space allows, combine any of these set-ups to add more entertainment and seating options. For example, a modular sectional can be combined with a dining table to create two unique gathering spaces. One for relaxing evenings with your family and one for hosting a dinner and game night.

2. Pick a Color Scheme

Once you settle on your unique patio layout, it might be helpful to come up with a color scheme. Whether or not you pick a specific style, a color scheme will help keep you on the same page while shopping for patio décor and furniture items. Consider one of these popular color schemes for patio décor to go with your home style.

Black and white with pops of green

Black and white anchors add a statement to your patio without cluttering the space, allowing for bold accents. Green accents will blend in with the natural greenery surrounding the patio, adding a subtle flair.

Find a black table or fire pit to act as the focal point and then add green and white pops to it such as  green Adirondack chairs around a black firepit. Add a lime green umbrella to shade your table.

Neutral Furniture

patio decor

Ashley Salceda 2-Piece Outdoor Wicker Sectional & Chair

Our showroom is filled with sleek, neutral furniture this year,  from a wicker sectional with soft gray hues or lounge chairs with muted cushion colors. Neutral furniture creates a simple palette, allowing you to showcase your favorite accents and accessories.

Overall, finding furniture with a neutral color like black, white or tan will allow you to have fun with the umbrellas, rugs, throw pillows and other patio decor you want to use.

3. Add a Fire Pit

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Ashley Castle Island Fire Pit | Ashley Castle Island Swivel Lounger

Not only do firepits add warmth to a patio, they create a comfortable and cozy spot for entertaining. Like a TV in a living room, you have a place to point your furniture.

Add an extra pop of color from your color scheme to your firepit with fireglass.

If you have limited space, the Ashley Perrymount Bar, featured above, has a fire pit with a seamless burner cover, turning the fire pit into more table space.

4. Plants on your Patio

patio decor

Ashley Salceda 2-Piece Outdoor Wicker Sectional & Chair

Plants are always encouraged on a patio. Add hanging plants and string lights to add ambient light and height to your decorating. Another option is to grow plants that have more than one purpose.

These herbs will not only keep insects away, but will also add  beauty, relaxing scents and some have many other uses!

Mosquito and Bug Repellents:

  • Basil- great addition to water and as a pizza topping
  • Lavender- smells amazing
  • Lemongrass- contains citronella
  • Mint- smells good, great for mojitos!

Ready to be Inspired? Create your own Jungalow patio!

When you combine all of these patio essentials, it will all come together seamlessly, giving you your own unique patio. In case you need inspiration for an overall patio (or home) style, try Jungalow! 

We’ve been in love with Jungalow style since we wrote about it! Justina Blakeney coined the term Jungalow, combining bungalow and jungle, to name this vibrant, oasis-like style. The combination of patterns, plants and energetic vibe will make your patio stand out among the rest.

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Jungalow style is proof that your patio decor doesn’t need to be one color or style. All you need are a few wicker chairs, maybe a fireplace and you can let colorful, patterned patio decor do the rest.

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