5 Small Space Hacks to Make a Room Look Bigger

small space hacks

We’ve all been there: stuffed into a small, cramped home where the bedroom fits nothing more than a single bed and the sofa alone makes the entire living room feel like it’s overflowing. Whether you live in a dorm room, studio apartment or a tiny house, you know how difficult decorating small spaces can be.

Luckily, there are tricks to help you transform a stuffy and cluttered room into a stylish, open and welcoming space. We’ve compiled our favorite small space hacks that will make your home feel and look bigger.

5 Small Space Hacks to Make a Room Look Bigger

1. Arrange Furniture Strategically

small space hacks

Pictured above: Ashley Kirwin Nuvella Blue Right-Side Chaise Sofa

Your home’s furniture arrangement makes a huge difference in how spacious it feels. If your furniture is oversized, shoved against the walls or placed too close together, it is bound to feel tight. Here are some small space hacks to ensure your furniture arrangement makes the most of a small room:

  • Place your tallest furniture pieces in the corners of the room. Having your tall floor lamps and bookcases in the corner of the room draws the eye, balances the space and makes ceilings look taller. Plus, it keeps those clunky furniture pieces out of the way.
  • Pull your sofa away from the wall. Though you’ll want as much floor space as possible, pushing furniture flush against the wall actually makes the room feel tight. Pull it out slightly to create an illusion of space.
  • Create a focal point. The key to any room is deciding where you want your guests to look. Choose an area that you want to focus on, like a large art piece, the television or the conversation space. Then arrange your furniture and décor around that.
  • Angle your accent chairs. The longest straight line in any space is the diagonal, so angling certain furniture pieces leads the eye along the longer distance. Plus, it gives your space an appealing shape that feels homey.
  • Space it all out. The secret to making a small room feel big? Don’t treat it like a small room! If you push your furniture close together in an effort to make more space, you’re going to notice. If you shop for smaller, multi-purpose furniture pieces and space them out, however, your home is bound to feel more open.

Arranging your furniture is such an important task that we wrote an entire blog post about it! Check it out for more ways to arrange furniture in every space.

2. Shop for Furniture that Fits the Small Space

small space hacks

Pictured above: Ashley Coylin Square Coffee Table

Each furniture piece you incorporate into your apartment, dorm or small house plays a large role in determining how much space is used or saved.

Perhaps the most valuable furniture pieces you can shop for are those that serve multiple purposes. When your square footage is limited, you’ll want to look for a sofa that also serves as a guest bed or a coffee table with hidden storage.

You’ll also want to look for certain furniture features that can make a room seem bigger. These include reflective surfaces on storage cabinets, sofas and chairs that are raised up on tall legs and accent tables with transparent tops. Shop some of our favorite small-space-ready furniture pieces below!

Even your home’s design style will affect how spacious a room feels. We love the mid-century modern look for smaller homes! The splayed legs, hairpin designs, clean lines and pared-down geometric forms are both versatile and space-saving. 

3. Choose a Light, Cohesive Color Scheme

small space hacks

Pictured above: Ashley Kennewick Sofa

Color can make or break any space. The wrong colors can make a home seem disorganized and chaotic. The right hues can make the same space look crisp and inviting. When you are working with a smaller room, this choice has a bigger impact. It’s no wonder choosing your paint, furniture and décor colors is so hard!

The first step to choosing the colors for your home is to think light and airy. Darkcolors that clash make the room feel busy and that is the last thing you want guests to think when they walk in! Light colors, however, have the opposite effect. Whites, grays and pastels look clean and fresh, making them the perfect tones for your home.

While white hues will make your rooms look the largest, completely white color palettes are not for everyone. If white walls aren’t your cup of tea, choose light greens or blues that make them feel bigger while also adding a calming pop of color.

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Consider this year’s top Pantone colors for a designer look. You can’t go wrong with Almost Mauve, Harbor Mist, Warm Sand or Coconut Milk tones! We also love sage walls and décor for a small space – it’s the newest neutral go-to color trend of 2018! This gentle hue is sure to look fantastic.

4. Mirrors, Mirrors on the Wall

small space hacks

Pictured above: Ashley Oengus Accent Mirror

Who’s the fairest of them all? You, of course, and your beautiful home! Mirrors have a wonderful ability to make any space seem larger and brighter. That’s because they are able to reflect the natural and artificial lights in your home.

Place a mirror across from your windows, at the ends of hallways and angled toward your focal point to really extend your space and make it appear larger. You can also use furniture pieces with reflective surfaces around your home to achieve a similar effect!

Shop All Accent Mirrors

Don’t forget to shop for other accessories that add style to your smaller space like lamps, rugs and wall art!

5. Minimalize by Spring Cleaning Your Home

small space hacks

Pictured above: Modus Furniture Peekaboo End Table and Sofa Table

Now that spring is here, it’s time to stop hibernating and start deep cleaning. It’s about time too, because all of that clutter can make your tiny living space feel less like a home and more like a cave! Try to minimalize the furniture and décor stashed away in your house or apartment. That way, you can use that much-needed square footage for more important things.

Start by asking yourself what each item brings to your life. Does it bring you joy and memories? Does it make daily tasks easier? If it doesn’t have a purpose in your life or if you don’t need it anymore, then it’s time to say goodbye. Whether you toss it, sell it or donate it, you’ll be glad to have fewer items filling your space.

Check out our Home Organization & Cleaning series for more tips on organizing your home to create a magazine-ready look in your space.

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