Breakfast Nooks: How to Make Them or Fake Them

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But let’s be honest: no one likes waking up early enough to enjoy it. Between the alarm clock’s incessant beeping to getting your family ready for the day, you just don’t have the time!

When you create breakfast nook, however, you’ll look forward to early morning gatherings around the dining table! Sitting down for a quiet cup of joe? Rounding up the kids for a hectic pancake feast? Your dining nook will help you feel awake while also giving you an intimate dining space to share meals with family.

What is a Breakfast Nook?

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You might wonder what makes a breakfast nook so special. Isn’t it the same thing as your run-of-the-mill dining room? Well, no. While both spaces are designed for eating and entertaining, breakfast nooks are intended to be smaller and more intimate than dining rooms. They are usually in or connected to the kitchen, and they offer only enough seating for a casual meal. buy Cymbalta online no prescription

Breakfast nooks are ideal for kitchens with an awkward corner or alcove. They are also the perfect small space hack for tiny homes and apartments without designated dining rooms. Keep it cozy and laid-back or go bold with something sleek and modern. No matter the design style, you’re sure to love your breakfast nook.

Making or Faking a Breakfast Nook in Your Home

There are many ways you can create a breakfast nook. You can buy a corner dining set, build a DIY breakfast nook or you can fake your dining nook by repositioning everyday furniture pieces. Whether you’re making it or faking it, these breakfast nook ideas are guaranteed to inspire your space! buy abilify online no prescription

  1. Shop Corner Dining Sets
breakfast nook

Are you lucky enough to have a large kitchen or dining area? Do you also have an empty corner in your space without a purpose? If your answer is yes, then a dining nook is perfect for your home!

You can take the DIY route and build a custom nook. However, that takes a lot of time and energy! Plus, you might not be allowed to construct in your home if you’re a renter. That’s why Homemakers carries a variety of dining sets that can move and grow with your family.

Our Chintaly Linden nook set, shown above, is a great way to upgrade your dining space. This breakfastnookis sleek, modern and functional. You can also pair any of our dining tables with benches like our C.M.I corner nook bench to create a unique focal point. buy amoxil online no prescription

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  1. Add Elegant Settees and Chaise Lounges

Want to add more flair to your space than a dining bench allows? Try a chaise lounge or settee! These plush and elegant accents add pops of color and character to your breakfast nook. Plus, having them in your dining space will ensure you spend time eating every morning. Why? Because the comfort will be too hard to resist!


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  1. Use Loveseats, Sofas and Sectionals

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There’s no reason your sofa or loveseat has to stay in the living room. Instead, you can bring it into the dining area to create an eye-catching breakfast nook. Sectionals allow you to create a corner nook while loveseats are ideal for smaller spaces. And the sofa? The perfect in-between offering the best of both worlds!

Since you will be eating in this space regularly, you’re bound to have a few spills over time. Make sure you study how to best clean your furniture to ensure it looks stylish and welcoming for years to come!

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  1. Dining and Accent Benches

Accent benches and dining benches have one primary purpose: to offer ample seating that is both comfortable and functional. That is what makes them essential additions to any dining room, especially a breakfast nook.

If you live in a smaller home, look for storage benches where you can stash your clutter. If you have ample space and want to create a charming nook in the corner, place two benches at a 90-degree angle and pair with a round table and a couple of chairs. No matter how you use your bench, it’s sure to look fantastic.

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  1. Storage Ottoman Hack

Now here’s a budget-friendly, space-saving hack: storage ottomans! They not only add style to your breakfast nook, but they create extra storage too. Plus, you can constantly change the look and layout of your space to fit your home and constantly-changing tastes.

All you need to do is choose a couple of storage ottomans. Visit our Urbandale showroom and try sitting on top of a few to ensure they are tall enough. You want to be able to easily reach the table. Then you can arrange them into any setting you want. Store extra pantry food, paper plates and silverware, extra napkins or table linen inside. Voila! You’ve created a versatile, eye-catching and functional breakfast nook!

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Show Us Your Breakfast Nook

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