Trend Alert: Beautiful She Shed Ideas You’ll Love

she shed ideas

Move over man caves! Make room for the hottest trendsetter in town: she sheds!

It’s no wonder everyone is falling head over heels for she sheds. Who doesn’t love the idea of creating a beautiful getaway? Whether your home is filled with kids, pets or single-life stress, you’ll love having a place to escape and call your own.

We’re loving the she shed trend and we know you will too! Plus, it’s the perfect summer DIY project. That’s why we’ve put together some of our favorites she shed ideas and decorating tips to help you create the perfect space.

What is a She Shed?

A she shed is the woman’s equivalent to the well-known and long-adored man cave. It’s a space designed to be unique to the woman creating it, tailored to her hobbies, interests and tastes. It’s also the perfect place to store items you may not have room for in the rest of your house.

People everywhere are transforming their backyard sheds into relaxing hideaways and it’s about time ladies claimed their own home-within-the home. Many homeowners are even building brand-new sheds to create their spaces.

The trend isn’t exactly new, but it is going strong. They have been popular DIY projects for a couple of years but homeowners are as excited as ever at the prospect of creating a she shed of their own. And who’s to say that these refurbished sheds are for ladies only? Boys are allowed to join the fun as well by making a he shed!

She Shed Ideas for Every Home

Knowing what purpose your she shed will serve is the first step to creating this delightful space. Will it be a workspace that inspires you and keep you motivated? Will it be an area where you kick back and relax? Will it be primarily designed to serve guests? You decide! There are so many options and here are just a few of our favorites:

Home Office

No matter your profession, a she shed is the perfect space to design a home office! Choose a neutral color palette, simple décor and cozy furnishings to create a perfectly ergonomic work space that inspires productivity!

Hobbies Hut

Everyone needs a space to get away and work on their passions. Whether that’s knitting, sewing, building or playing piano, a she shed is a great place to work.


It’s hard to focus on the little things in life – like reading a novel – when the rest of your home is filled with noise. That’s why turning your shed into a library is so perfect. When you feel the need to escape into the pages of a book, you’ll have a relaxing space to turn to.

Guest House

Do you love hosting friends and family from out of town but wish you could give them a space of their own? Here’s an ideal solution! Turn that shabby backyard shed into a guest room with all the luxury they’d enjoy at a five-star hotel.

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Do you have a green thumb? Then turn your she shed into a greenhouse or a potting room! Store all of your gardening supplies in your chic and organized shed and dig in!

Outdoor Dining Room

Do you live in a small home without a proper dining room? Or do you yearn for a space where you can dine in the beauty of nature (without worrying about bugs in your food)? Turn your shed into an outdoor dining space where your entire family can gather for meals and memories.

Personal Gym

Goodbye gym membership and hello she shed! If you are a fitness buff, you will love the idea of turning your space into a personal backyard gym – all you need is a treadmill, elliptical, weights and a yoga mat or two. Don’t forget a stereo so you can jam out while you work out!

Art Studio

When it comes to being an artist, keeping your space clean and tidy is the last thing on your mind. You’re used to paint stains and colorful smudges on every surface. That’s where your she shed comes in – you can keep the mess out of the house and contain the creative genius in your art studio instead!

Choosing She Shed Furniture and Décor

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Once you know your she shed’s purpose, it’s time to pick a color palette and décor theme! There’s plenty to choose from – at Homemakers we carry an impressive range of design styles from contemporary to traditional.

Your décor theme will determine the types of furniture you shop for and the accessories you choose. It will also affect the color scheme you should use to create the most welcoming space possible. Make sure it reflects your one-of-a-kind personality.

Sleek and Modern
she shed

Ashley Baraga Adjustable Height Desk and Desk Chair

If you want to create a she shed that looks sleek, fluid and organized, contemporary furniture is where you want to start. The airy and architectural details combine with light finishes and monochromatic palettes to create a unique look. Shop for abstract accessories like wall sculptures and oversized clocks. When you add these contemporary elements to your she shed, it will make you feel awake and productive- perfect for a home office or library!

Urban Edge
she shed

Simply Urban Coffee Table, End Table and Round End Table

Whether you live in the country, a small town or a big city, an urban she shed is sure to impress. All you need to add urban edge to your she shed is a little imagination and a lot of industrial flair. Add steampunk-inspired décor like a spare parts wall clock. Sharp edges, metal finishes and a dark color scheme will finish the look to create a space you’re sure to adore!

Rustic Farmhouse
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Liberty Rustic Traditions II 4-Piece King Bedroom Set

A rustic farmhouse style is ideal for creating an outdoor dining space or guest room. That’s because rustic furniture tends to make you think of cozy cabins and nature-inspired warmth. Create your dream she shed by utilizing natural wood finishes, vintage accents and country accessories. A cowhide rug would look fantastic in this space!

Sophisticated Style
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Ashley Hamlyn Bookcase

If on-trend looks aren’t your style, choose a timeless look that will never fade. A traditional-style she shed looks sophisticated and luxurious with dark wood tones, solid furniture pieces and classic décor. Whether you’re creating an outdoor coffee shop or a library filled with elegant bookcases, you’re sure to love this she shed. If you’re looking to create a relaxing space, try a sofa upholstered in buttery leather.

Show Off Your She Shed

Have you created a wonderful she shed? Want to share a few more tips and tricks? We want to see and hear them! Show us your she shed and tell us how you mastered the look using the icons below. Then, be the first to know about the latest furniture trends and home solutions when you subscribe to Hm Etc. today!

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