5 Stylish Teen Bedroom Design Ideas Your Kid Will Love

teen bedroom

Decorating a teen bedroom is an exciting adventure! Whether or not you’re going to update the whole bedroom—new paint colors and all— these tips will help you transform any teen bedroom into the ultimate hangout.

5 Teen Bedroom Design Ideas

There are a few style elements that are essential for every teen bedroom. In this day and age, we need tons of charging outlets! If your teen's room doesn't have enough outlets (or he or she just needs more), look for furniture with built-in charging ports. Some beds, nightstands and desks feature these!

Keep major furniture pieces simple and add trendy style with accessories- that way your furniture stays in style even as your teenager grows.

We pulled together ideas for five different teen bedrooms across a range of styles. Teenagers are known for doing their own thing though- so feel free to mix and match!

1. Classic

teen bedroom

A plain white bed is hard to outgrow. Any color you want to paint the walls will match this bed! Paint the walls dark gray to create a contrasting yet simple space. Or, use gold or silver scrapbook paper cut into circles to add chic, metallic accents to the walls.

Keep the style classic by pairing it with a white nightstand and dresser. For a pop of color, look to bedding, pillows and even a bright desk chair!

If you're looking for something moodier, the Aspen Oxford bed features a neutral color, meaning it will complement any wall color and other furniture and accessories. It also has USB outlets for effortless charging!

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2. Modern Organic

teen bedroom

Upholstered beds create a comfortable and chic atmosphere. Pair it with a rustic nightstand or dresser to create a modern yet rustic vibe.

Keep the rest of the furniture mid-century in warm wood tones. Mixing textures, materials and colors is a fun way to create a stylish space for your teen.

Browse modern organic teen bedroom furniture:

3. Minimal

Is your teenager all about keeping things simple? Go for a minimalistic design! A low platform bed with a squared-off headboard is both fashion-forward and simple.

Look for sleek, contemporary furniture that suits a black and white color palette. Accents come from chrome and silver hardware.


4. Rustic

teen bedroom

If your teen is obsessed with Fixer Upper then look to the modern rustic style. We've pulled together classic country-inspired pieces that won't be kitschy or out of style in a few years.

The secret? Industrial accents like galvanized metal and dark leather upholstery. Mix and match wood tones for a homier feel. Offset all the wood with light bedding and wall colors.

Browse rustic teen bedroom furniture:

5. Luxe

teen bedroom

Does your teen already have an eye on the nicer furniture pieces in the showroom? Luxe style is the perfect mix of modern and contemporary furniture in a moody palette of gray and black offset by pops of white.

Upholstered beds work for many interior design styles. In this case, pair it with a mix of textures and colors- a sleek nightstand, ultra-soft chaise and faux fur bench. The mix of materials will add depth to an otherwise neutral space.

Browse luxe teen bedroom furniture:

Feeling inspired?

Ready to start decorating your teenager's bedroom? With these ideas you can create a grown-up space with that will still be stylish for years to come.

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