How to Measure Your Space for a Sectional

measure your space

Pictured above: Ashley Maier 2-Piece Sectional

There are few experiences more exciting than shopping for new furniture! We get it; we’re Homemakers! But we’ve all been there: you spend a ton of time shopping and browsing, finally choose your new furniture, wait for delivery and then…your new furniture doesn’t fit in your house.

Let’s avoid that! We’ve put together a guide before for measuring furniture before delivery to ensure you never choose something that just won’t fit! This time we’ll talk about measuring specifically for a sectional sofa. There are so many configurations and layouts that it can be easy to choose a sectional that doesn’t make the most use of your space.

Read on for tips and tricks to measure your space for a sectional!

How to Measure Your Space for a Sectional

  1. Measure your room

A no-brainer? Sure, but could you actually list the dimensions of your living room, right now? Most of us probably have an approximate idea but not hard numbers. Before you even start shopping for a sectional, measure the room it is going to be in. This is especially important if your room is oddly shaped or especially small.

While you’re measuring, figure out some of the smaller details. How far away from your windows and doors do you want the sectional to sit? How much floor space will that take? If you pick a sectional above a certain height, will it block too much natural light coming in through the windows? buy prednisolone online no prescription

Before you even start looking at sectionals, you should know exactly how much space you’re working with.

2. Choose your sectional configuration
measure your space

Pictured above: Ashley Bladen 3-Piece Sectional

Now it’s time to start planning what kind of sectional works best in your space.

  • How many people will be using it at any given time?
  • Do you want space for extra people when you entertain?
  • Do you need to fit it in a certain corner of the room?
  • Are you arranging around a focal point?

A small sectional is usually two pieces and L-shaped. These are perfect for apartments or small spaces. A mid-sized sectional is usually three pieces and can be U-shaped. These usually fit 3-6 people and work for most rooms. A large sectional can four, five, six or more pieces. These are the ultimate sectionals for a rec room, large living room or anyone who just wants to spread out.

Luckily, there are endless options for sectional configurations at Homemakers. We even have a comprehensive sectional buying guide to help you decide which layout is best for you. buy simvastatin online no prescription

Browse the Sectional Buying Guide
3. Measure the sectional

Don’t be afraid to bring your tape measure to the store! Our salespeople always carry one, but it never hurts to be prepared!

Every piece of furniture on our site has dimensions listed under the ‘Specifications’ drop-down. That’s where you will find the height, width and depth. Height measures from the top of the sofa to the floor. Width measures the widest part of the sofa from end to end. Depth refers to the distance from the top edge of the armrest to the to the bottom of the opposite corner.

Once you have the measurements of the sectional you’re interested in, what’s next? Tape off the space in your room! This is a great way to help you visualize exactly how much space a sectional will take up.

measure your space
4. Measure Your Hallways and Stairwells
measure your space

Pictured above: Palliser Miami 100% Leather Sectional

This is a step that is often forgotten. You’ve measured the room, you’ve measured the sectional, but have you measured all the doors, hallways and stairwells? buy tadalista online no prescription

You have to be sure your new furniture will even fit through the door before you pay for it to be delivered. This is when knowing the depth of your sectional comes in handy if you’re carrying it up a flight of stairs. We offer in-home delivery, but your home has to be accessible!

5. Measure again! 

Measure, measure, measure! We’re noticing a theme here…

It never hurts to double- or triple-check your measurements. It ensures that you will choose a sectional that fits your space without blocking windows or doors and will make the most efficient use of your room.

Shopping for a sectional can be hard just because there are so many options! But proper planning, measuring your room and sectional, taping off the space and double checking your numbers will ensure you choose the perfect sectional for you!

If you like to visualize the room before you even start shopping, use the Hm room planner! Build your living room and arrange the furniture using our virtual program.

Use the Hm Room Planner

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