Stylist Spotlight: Modern Eclectic Design with Madison Beck

modern eclectic

Welcome back to the Stylist Spotlight series! Des Moines is home to some pretty great design talent and we love getting the inside scoop. Our series profiles local designers and stylists to get their takes on the latest design trends, advice for decorating your space and  behind-the-scenes looks at the design process.

Meet Madison Beck! She's a Des Moines-based freelance stylist who has put together some of the prettiest designs we've seen! Madison is also a fashion stylist, fitness buff and foodie. You can find her blog at Evison Styling Co. Madison is a master of the modern eclectic look. She makes mixed textures and colors, mid-century modern furniture and rustic decor all blend beautifully for an effortlessly chic look. We talked to her about how her personal style evolved, her best advice for young people just starting to decorate a first home and what trends she loves right now.

modern eclectic

Stylist Spotlight on Madison Beck

How did you get started in home design?

I’ve always liked home design! As a kid I remember sitting at the computer saving product pictures onto a Word document only to print out and never buy. But in that moment, I felt the need to plan my “someday home” in the most serious manner with an unlimited budget.

After getting my first place, my style definitely grew from trendy early 1920’s pinks and chevron patterns to now finding my own niche of mid-century modern with eclectic pieces. Once I started buying things for my own place, my love for interior design grew. This branched into styling home products for marketing use for local businesses.

modern eclectic

modern eclectic

From where do you draw inspiration for home styling?

My biggest inspiration is pinning pictures on Pinterest and ripping out pages from magazines. I love to collect random inspiration- from colors I love to layouts of gorgeous dream houses. I save it in case I want to come back to it in the future. I don’t like to stick to just one style when gathering inspiration either, I like to see all types. I feel like my style is constantly evolving.

Tell us about your own personal style. What do you like to see in your house?

I’d say my own personal style is a mixture of a bunch of styles: bohemian textures and colors, mid-century modern furniture and decor. I truly like the eclectic look in a home. I feel when a person takes time to find pieces for his or her house, it ends up becoming a more meaningful space. I like seeing warm and inviting colors and places for the family to gather.

modern eclectic

modern eclectic

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What trends are you excited about? What trends do you think are on the way out?

Floors! It sounds silly but I love the trend of bringing back the 1920’s black and white tile or even the hexagon tile that fades into wood. And I LOVE the pop of color in velvet furniture.

The biggest trend I think is on its way out is gray everything. If you’re thinking about painting gray- don’t! Look into whites, unique colors and even wallpaper.

What is your go-to design tip?

My biggest tip is never rush to fill a house. Your house should be like your life, slowly growing and changing over time. Please don’t get everything to decorate in less than a day. It will end up looking rushed and stale if you do that.

modern eclectic

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Tell us about the role social media plays in your design. How has Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. helped you?

Like I said above it’s a huge inspiration for me. I use it for a mood boards at least once a day. Besides being one of my biggest sources of inspiration, it has also helped grow my styling company. Now I help small businesses style and shoot their products so customers can see how they too can style products.

Tell us more about your freelance styling. What kind of projects do you work on? What do you enjoy most about styling for someone?

I started out working with family and friends doing small projects like decorating houses for the holidays. Over time that evolved into picking up products or shooting on location to make styled content for businesses to show how to style their products in your own home.

Not everyone knows how to put a room together. They may know what they like but aren’t sure how to execute their ideas. That’s where I come in. I truly enjoy making people happy and helping them feel good about their spaces on any budget and letting them know they can create spaces like magazines. It is the most rewarding feeling!

modern eclectic modern eclectic

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What styling advice would you give to young people who are on budgets and starting to style their first apartments or homes?

Start with the furniture you need like beds and couches. Start with as high quality as you can afford. Remember you’re starting out; you have time to buy the couch of your dreams or the world’s most comfortable bed, but at this moment you need a starter.

Then choose items that you truly love and save and watch to see if they go on sale. This also includes pieces like rugs and decor that you know you will still feel the same way about later on down the road. So they must be worth the investment!

Then choose pieces that you know you will probably get tired of, like trendy items. Those you should buy cheaper and still look for sales.

modern eclectic modern eclectic

How has Homemakers helped you in your design process?

It is so user friendly- shopping in the store and being able to see all price points and test pieces out makes life a lot easier. The employees are so helpful and genuinely nice. Even the ordering and delivering process is so painless.

Using Homemakers for design concepts makes one less thing for me to worry about and that’s why I greatly appreciate Homemakers.

modern eclectic

modern eclectic modern eclectic

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You can find Madison on Instagram at @evisonstylingco and on Facebook.

*All photos courtesy of Madison Beck.

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