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French interior design

[Updated 12/11/2018]

Give your home a fresh new look that captures the beauty of France with two irresistible French interior design styles that will make you swoon! Whether you’re enamored with the timeless French country style or looking for a mid-century modern mix of vintage and traditional, Homemakers is here to help with French interior design style guides that add style and character to any home. Magnifique!

French Interior Design: French Mid-Century Modern

French interior design

When you think of French styling, what do you see? You might imagine curling wrought iron, distressed finishes and incredibly traditional design. What you might not see is a retro-inspired look with clean lines, geometric forms and contemporary color palettes. That’s why we’re loving this emerging style: French mid-century modern interior design style.

This look fuses classical French design with mid-century modern details, including splayed legs, rich wood tones and eye-catching décor from the 19thand early 20th centuries. It is both versatile and incredibly inviting, which is why you need this style for your next home makeover.

Elements of French Mid-Century Modern Interior Design

Mid-century modern is a distinctive style. It doesn’t use a lot of decoration or ornate finishing. Rather, it showcases pared-down designs with subtle details. Common elements of mid-century modern include curved lines, arches, splayed legs and tapering. This style also creates a delicate balance between eye-catching and elegant, using both graphic patterns and muted colors.

French style, on the other hand, uses soothing creams and pastel hues to create a calming and warm palette. Architectural details are works of art and the furniture accents the already existing beauty. It’s glamorous without sacrificing comfort, quirky with ample class.

Use a combination of the two styles and you’ll have a charming French mid-century modern space. Make sure to include these timeless elements and voila!

  • Pared-down geometric forms and organic shapes
  • Mixed elements with contrasting textures
  • Splayed legs, sleek finishes and clean lines
  • Unique forms that showcase function
  • Medium to dark wood tones

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French interior design

French Interior Design: French Country

French interior design

There is a certain something – a je ne sais quoi, if you will – about rustic décor that makes even an urban space feel like it’s tucked into the lush countryside. That’s why we adore the trendy French countryside interior design style.

This style is reminiscent of the old-world homes of France. It features a lovely fusion of rustic finishes and French styling that makes your home feel like a countryside retreat. Striking the perfect balance between simplistic beauty and lavishness, this look has only grown in popularity. It has everyone talking and it’s easy to see why!

Elements of French Country Interior Design

French country style is quaint, cozy and filled to the brim with character. It evokes the feeling of summery days surrounded by sunshine, tall grass and fresh flowers. How? It uses a simple and light palette with pops of sky blue, earthy tans and greenery. Combined with light finishes, mirrored décor and minimalistic patterns, this look can make any space feel like home.

It’s all in the details. Create a sense of elegance with lavish furniture and vintage finishes. Add a sense of nature by decorating your home with houseplants and reclaimed woods. From wrought iron to whitewashed details, these elements ensure you’ll love the finished result.

  • Contrasting textures and colors
  • Toile, damask and floral patterns
  • Antiqued gold and silver accents
  • Reclaimed and whitewashed woods
  • Mirrored décor and various houseplants

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French interior design
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