Top 10 Fireplace Mantel Ideas for Your Home

fireplace mantel ideas

Fireplaces are a key feature of cozy living. Whether your fireplace is functional or not, its mantel is certainly a focal point in the room. Mantels come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and how you decorate them can define the design style of your room.

Don’t have a fireplace in your home, but you’re dying to decorate one? Add an electric fireplace to any room to create warmth and a cozy environment without the commitment of a permanent fixture.

If you are searching for fireplace mantel ideas, look no further! These 10 fireplace décor ideas are sure to give you the perfect inspiration!


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Do you absolutely love minimalism? If you answered yes, this design is for you. Keep it simple by choosing a couple of your favorite succulents or small houseplants. Pair your plant life with a simple mirror or picture frame. This design is perfect if you have a unique mantel. The accessories will complement your mantel, without stealing the show. And remember, less is more.


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Mirror, mirror, on the wall… Whose mantel is the fairest of them all? Yours of course! Paned mirrors are ideal if you’re looking to make a space seem larger. The panes create a window-like feature that creates an openness in the room. The mirror is a piece that can stand alone, making it a great option for the simplistic shopper.

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What’s better than a mantel that saves you space? This design combines modern and functionality to create a space that’s perfect for game day. Hold off on the TV stand and hang your flat-screen above the mantel. It’s that easy. But be sure to consider the height of your mantel beforehand, as a TV hung too high can be uncomfortable to watch.


This minimalist design is ideal for a those who appreciate the simpler things in life. The clean lines and simple look create a focal point in the room, without distracting from the rest of your beautifully designed space. Combine a mirror and a couple art pieces, and you’ll have everything necessary for this modest design.


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Do you find yourself collecting unique art pieces everywhere you go? Hang your favorite canvas up and give it some love! This design can be paired with a few other small pieces, or you can let your art stand solo. It will give your space a focal point that’s great for conversation. When it comes to this design, don’t be afraid to go big!

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If having a busy, overflowing mantel is your style, rock on! Filling your mantel with items that express your personal style creates a focal point that features one very important thing – YOU. And while some people only choose one item to display, others find joy in seeing a mantel that’s filled with stories and unique pieces. This design is all about character!


Featuring a clock on top of your mantel is a classic, timeless way to style your fireplace. The classic look is to center the clock. If you’re looking to give this look a modern twist, off-center the clock and pair it with a framed art piece, or go all out and create a collage of clocks for a truly unique mantel.

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Time to dig out your paint brush! This design is perfect for those who have a mantel design that’s just missing something. Painting the space behind or above the mantel is a great way to bring even more attention to the space, without buying new accessories. For color inspiration, choose a color that’s featured somewhere else in the room.


If a hanging a statement mirror above your mantel is too simple for you, try layering multiple mirrors. By stacking the mirrors, you create a different look, while still using the reflection to create the illusion of a larger room. This is also a great mirror-option for those on a budget, as large mirrors tend to have a high price tag.

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Classic Holiday

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If you’re feeling the holiday spirit, decorating your mantel can be an easy way to transform your room into a winter wonderland. Going for neutral colors, rather than the typical bright holiday hues, can unsure that you’ll be able to use your decorations for years to come. A holiday-themed frame helps fill the mantel without needing too many small accessories.

You’ll find plenty of holiday decor that is perfect for a fireplace mantel in the Hm Holiday Marketplace.

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