White Room Decor: Color Palette Tips and Tricks

white room decor

Are you looking for a design that pairs nicely with your stark walls? Or maybe you’re looking to brighten up a room in your house? Either way, white walls can really make a difference in the mood of a room. It typically creates the illusion of a larger space. But if you aren’t careful, your white room can end up feeling more like a prison than a modern living space.

Whether you are picking out white paint for your walls, or you are a renter who’s stuck with them for the next year, white walls are nothing to fear. These tips and tricks will help you create a space that complements your walls, without sacrificing your personal style.

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Tip 1. Bring a pop of color into play

white room decor

Pictured above: Ashley Hodan Sofa Chaise

A white color palette doesn’t mean a lack of color! Introducing an accent color into the room’s design is key if you prefer a more vibrant interior design. Take a look at the clothing you wear and see if there are any trends.

If you enjoy wearing bring yellows, oranges or reds, it’s safe to say you’ll enjoy one of those colors highlighted in your room. But if you tend to wear deep purples, greens or black, you’ll probably want to stay inside your comfort zone. The last thing you want to do is design a room that you end up hating just because you think it pairs well with white.
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Be sure to note that it is important to stick to only one accent color. Having too many colors becomes overwhelming in such an exposed room.

Tip 2. Add your favorite plant life

white room decor

Pictured above: Ashley Brise Sofa Chaise

Greenery is a great compliment to any white color palette! It keeps the room feeling fresh while bringing an element of earthiness into play. We recommend large, leafy potted plants for the corners of your room and small succulents for your tabletops. Try to stick with plants that are primarily green, as vibrantly colored flowers can become distracting rather than complementary.
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If you don’t have a green thumb, consider artificial plants. They will give your room the green you need, without the care!

Tip 3. Warm the room with wood tones

white room decor

Pictured above: Greenington Nova Aurora Bamboo Table Set

If vibrant colors aren’t really your thing, wood tones can really make a difference in a white room. The natural tones of wood give the room warmth and vibrancy, while keeping things simple and mellow. Walnut, oak, pine and bamboo are all great options for creating an earthy, relaxed room
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If you’re looking for warmth, stay clear of dark woods like mahogany. Dark-stained woods in a white room create an even colder design.

Tip 4. Add an accent rug

white room decor

Pictured above: La-Z-Boy Dolce Sofa

A common piece of advice in interior design is to place colors darkest to lightest from floor to ceiling. This naturally creates an open concept and inviting space without overthinking. So, if you’re working in a white room, a colorful rug is a safe and easy way to introduce color in the room. Be sure to start with the rug before buying any other pieces, that way you can choose the rug you absolutely love, rather than choosing one that matches your couch.

Once you have your rug picked out, match small accessories, such as accent pillows and vases, to bring the color into other levels of the room. Remember that it’s easier to color-match small accessories to your rug than the other way around!

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