New @ Hm: New Furniture for the New Year

new furniture

Welcome to the new year! We’re excited to celebrate with brand new arrivals to our showroom. What better way to celebrate than by changing up your interior design style with new furniture? Best of all, we have something for everyone. From transitional to rustic to casual style, we made sure to get it all!

Stylist Spotlight: How to Decorate after Christmas

decorate after Christmas

Welcome to that weird season between the holidays and the beginning of spring. The Christmas decorations are gone, but it’s still going to be cold for a few months. Here at Homemakers, we like to keep the style going all year round! We partnered with a local photographer and influencer to help us come up with ways to keep a dining room decorated for winter, even after the tree is gone and the lights are down.

Read on to find out how Janice got her dining room ready for winter!

The Top Office Chairs for 2019

top office chairs

Looking for the perfect ergonomic chair for your home office? Here are the top office chairs for 2019 based on reviews from Hm customers!