5 Clever Ideas for Storing Christmas Decorations

storing Christmas decorations

Once January has rolled around and you’ve recovered from New Year’s celebrations, you’ll probably start wondering how to store all of the Christmas decorations that have flooded your home over the course of the holidays. And even if you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to holiday décor, chances are you’ve made a few new purchases that now need new homes until the next holiday season comes around.

Transitioning your home decorations from Christmas décor to a winter wonderland can be an overwhelming task. But don’t worry, we have the top  solutions for storing Christmas decorations, ensuring clean, neat packaging that will be easy to unpack next winter.

1. Wrap your Christmas lights around a coat hanger

storing Christmas decorations

Avoid broken bulbs at the bottom of storage containers with this unique idea! Unlike wrapping them around cardboard, you’ll be able to hang them up in a wardrobe once you’re finished. They’ll be all ready to go and easy to find when the next season comes around. Be careful not to wrap the lights to tightly!

2. Hang up your wreaths

storing Christmas decorations

Hanging wreaths from a coat rack allows them to stay fluffy and beautiful all year round. Run a zip tie through the wreath and create a loop to hang it from. Run that loop around the hook of a coat hanger and you’re all set! For additional protection, slip a plastic bag over the wreath.

3. Store beaded garland in reusable plastic bottles

storing Christmas decorations

Tangled garland can be a nightmare to deal with, which is the last thing you want to worry about the day you’re decorating your home. Keeping beaded garland in plastic bottles prevents the garland from tangling with itself and other decorations.

4. Label everything!

storing Christmas decorations

This step is often overlooked, but is crucial for a happy unpacking day. Create tags that can go on storage containers, hang from bunches of faux pine garland, wreathes and more! Print out our Homemakers holiday gift tags to use as fun, festive labels!

5. Take advantage of underbed storage

storing Christmas decorations

Pictured above: Ashley Bostwich Queen Storage Bed

Don’t know what to do with all of the extra storage space under your bed? This is the perfect place to keep your holiday décor, especially if you have an adjustable bed that offers higher clearance for storing! Storage beds are also perfect for keeping holiday décor under the bed, all while keeping things stylish.

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