10 Things to Stop Procrastinating This Spring

stop procrastinating

Everyone procrastinates every now and then. It leaves us asking ourselves (and Google) “How do we stop procrastinating?” Overcoming procrastination can be difficult and overwhelming. But unfortunately, the tasks that lie ahead aren’t going to resolve themselves.

Spring is approaching and as you’re daydreaming about warmer weather, chances are you’re adding things to your to-do list. The warmer temps allow us to spend more time outside, which means deep cleaning your car, organizing your garage, getting more exercise and much more. Your list might not be all cleaning and organizing to-dos. You might be procrastinating an activity bucket list, such as going to a local winery, kayaking with your family or calling an old friend.

Either way, spring is a fresh start towards overcome procrastination.

Steps to Overcoming Procrastination
  1. Give yourself a deadline. Studies show that college students perform better when given regular deadlines. You are more likely to finish something if you set a date to have it completed by.
  2. Break it down into manageable steps. Your task might seem too large to finish. By breaking it down into smaller, manageable steps, your task will be easier to accomplish and you’ll be more likely to start it.
  3. Visualize your end goal. Imagine how good it will feel to finally finish your to-do’s! You’ll be a better version of yourself when you overcome procrastination and finish tasks with ease. You’ll find motivation in imagining this.
  4. Remove distractions. Or in today’s world- unplug! If you’re working on a paper, consider brainstorming with a pen and paper, rather than your computer. If you’re cleaning out your garage, turn your phone on silent and let everyone know you’ll be unavailable for the day. Doing this allows you to focus on the task at hand and finish it much faster.
  5. Start today! There isn’t a better time to stop procrastinating than right now. If you’re unable to actually start the task today, set a deadline.
10 Things to Stop Procrastinating

Here at Homemakers, we definitely have a few things we need to stop procrastinating. Here are our top 10. We hope they spark interest and new ideas for you. Comment below and tell us about your to-do list for this spring!


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