Why You Need to Know About the Greenguard Certification

greenguard gold certified cribs

What is a Greenguard Certified product and why does it matter? If you’ve ever bought a new house, you smell that “new flooring” or “fresh paint” smell. Same goes with a new car. It has that “new car smell.” Why is that? It’s because paint, flooring and mattresses among other things give off volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These chemical emissions pollute the air and cause the air quality to be really poor. Indoor air quality especially, can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air because it’s more concentrated. Greenguard Certified products go through rigorous testing and are scientifically proven to give off low VOCs.

VOC especially important for kids’ health, because they breathe more air per body weight, getting a larger dose of these harmful emissions. Greenguard Certified products are better for you and your little ones' environment.

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greenguard gold certified cribs

How do products get Greenguard Certified?

So, how do products get Greenguard Certified? Testing -- a lot of testing. Products are placed in stainless steel compartments that range in size, anywhere from a small oven to a full-size room. The chambers are temperature and humidity controlled so there’s no background level of the chemical emissions. Furniture, laptops, flooring and many other products go into the chambers to be tested. Some products, like furniture will sit in the chamber for two weeks until reaching a steady emission rate. Other products, like laptops and other electronics will only sit for a day. Chemical analysts at UL Environment then measure the emissions. Once a product is certified, it’s required to be tested annually for more than 10,000 individual VOCs.

What does Greenguard "Gold" Certified mean?

In 2005, the institute developed a new standard and product certification for daycares, K-12 and healthcare facilities called Greenguard Gold Certification. Because asthma, allergies and headaches can be caused by exposure to these chemical emissions, it’s imperative to improve the air quality in healthcare facilities, daycares and schools. This improvement has been found to have a positive impact on children’s health, attendance, productivity and test scores. Products with this certification emit even lower levels of VOCs, specifically formaldehyde emissions.

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greenguard gold certified cribs

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