Balancing Timeless Home Décor and Trendy Styles

trendy styles

Whether you’re a home owner or renter, figuring out how you want your interior to look can be hard. You want it to reflect your style, flow nicely and feel like home. With Instagram being flooded with extraordinary homes and blogs full of design inspiration, it can feel daunting to create a picturesque, trendy home. The problem with trends is that they go out of style quickly. Unless you have the cash to update your home every 5-10 years (or less) when the trendy styles are out and something new is in, it’s impossible to keep up on the trends.

Let’s talk about striking a balance. While your home should feel fresh and up-to-date, it should also be able to grow and change easily with the changing trends and your changing life. It’s a fine line to balance trendy styles with timeless styles that don’t feel overwhelming on either side. For today’s homeowners, the best approach is finding a balance between the two.

Use timeless classics for big-ticket items

Timeless home décor doesn’t go out of style. These pieces are rooted in tradition. Use timeless home décor for your big-ticket items, like your bigger furniture pieces, flooring and cabinetry. Expensive furniture pieces should be more neutral and classic to ensure staying power.

If you don’t see yourself changing out your sofa for the next 10 years, try a more neutral piece that looks good with the changing trends. Even paint can be more neutral, so you don’t have to repaint as often. This goes for flooring and cabinetry as well. Choose less ornate kitchen cabinets and neutral flooring because it can get costly to change out.

Some other great timeless home décor pieces are fireplaces, oriental rugs, black shutters on a white house and marble countertops.

Incorporate vintage pieces into your space

Using a few vintage pieces in a room will add personality and root your space with classic elements. These timeless home décor pieces have stood the test of time so they’re not going out of style anytime soon. Heirloom furniture pieces are great ways to incorporate vintage looks into your home because they have been handed down. Whether you’re handing them down to your children or it’s been handed down to you, heirloom pieces are built to last and look classic for years to come.

Bring high-quality materials into the room

Stone, linen, glass, leather and wood all have a very timeless appeal to them that never look dated. They bring a sense of nature to your home and don’t go out of style, so they’re good materials to include. Natural materials top the list for timeless décor because they’ve been around as long as the concept of interior design.

Natural materials are good to incorporate in areas that you want to stay consistent through trend cycles, such as flooring and counter tops. These materials also give your neutral areas more personality, since you can customize them to your liking. Every marble countertop has a different pattern, every wood floor has a different grain. These natural materials make your home unique.

Use texture to add interest

Texture can add interest to a space that won’t go out of style quickly. Instead of investing in a trend that’s sure to be “out” in a year or two, try adding texture to your rooms that creates visual interest just as well. Grab a jute rug for your living room or use grasscloth wallpaper along one wall. These additions make a great statement without being too trendy.

Pick trendy pieces that can be switched out easily

Accessories and accents are good ways to add trendy home décor to your space. These items don’t cost as much and can be changed out much easier than the timeless pieces. Lighting is one way to make your space feel current and up-to-date without breaking the bank. Small fixtures over an island or in the bathroom are easy to change out and will make your space feel on trend. Table lamps are also a great choice for the living room and bedroom.

Other small trendy home décor pieces are accent chairs, wall art and decorative items. You can incorporate accent chairs with a traditional style sofa, and the chair becomes the focal point of the room. Choose a color to incorporate throughout the space to liven it up and make it feel more vibrant in a neutral area. Modern wall art, vases and other accessories are also a great way to make your home feel current.

Limit your investment in trendy items

Since trends are simply that, a trend, make sure you’re not spending all of your money on trendy home décor items. Some new throw pillows and a new rug can make a room feel completely different. You don’t have to refresh all of your furniture to stay up-to-date. If you don’t think you’ll love the emerald green velvet sofa in your living room in five years, don’t buy it. Keep your trendy splurges to a smaller dollar amount.

Trendy vs. Timeless design inspiration

If you’re needing a little inspiration to help you visualize these pieces or how to pull the look together, worry no more. We have Interior Design Style Guides for contemporary and transitional style that will help you choose trendy and timeless pieces for your own home. These styles work well to pick furniture that has staying power and pieces that are fresh and up-to-date.

We’ve also put together a mood board to help you get the feel of what those pieces would look like when you mesh them all together and put them in a room next to each other. A little spoiler alert: it looks ah-mazing.

trendy and timeless styles

No matter what, your home should reflect your style and the design elements you love most. Make sure the way you decorate your house is one that you love coming home to every day.

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