Standard Dining Table Dimensions for Your Home

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You’ve finally decided to take the plunge and you’re buying a new dining table. You’ll be considering the size, style and material as you shop for your new table. But before you run out to find the perfect dining table for you, you should jot down some measurements first. Knowing standard dining table dimensions is essential for designing the perfect dining room.

Measuring for a standard dining table size is simple. You’ll need to consider the size of the room you’re in, any other furniture pieces in the room, how many people you’ll be accommodating and if there’s additional space for size-adjustable table options. If you’re stressing out as you read this, no worries, we’ve got a step-by-step standard dining table dimensions guide for you!

Standard Dining Table Dimensions

Standard Dining Table Sizes

  • two person dining table

  • Seats 2-4 People

    • Square tables measure between 24 and 33 square inches
    • Round tables measure between 33 and 40 inches in diameter
    • Rectangular tables measure at about 30 x 42 inches

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  • four person dining table

  • Seats 4-6 People

    • Square tables measure between 36 and 60 square inches
    • Round tables measure around 48 inches in diameter
    • Rectangular tables measure at about 30 x 60 inches

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  • six person dining table

  • Seats 6-8+ People

    • Square tables measure between 60 and 96 square inches
    • Round tables measure between 60 and 120 inches in diameter
    • Rectangular tables measure at about 36 x 72 inches or larger

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Standard Dining Table Heights

  • Standard-Height Dining Tables

    Dining tables are most commonly 30 inches tall. This is the perfect height for your guests’ feet to reach the floor and for them to easily access the delicious meal you prepared them.

  • standard height dining table

  • Counter-Height Dining Tables

    Counter-height dining tables typically sit at 36 inches high. The extra height creates a casual atmosphere that’s great to gather around for a cocktail night. Counter-height stools often pair with these tables and feature a footrest for your guests who don’t quite touch the floor.

  • counter height dining table

  • Bar-Height Dining Tables

    Bar-height dining tables are most commonly 40 to 42 inches high. These extra-tall tables are perfect for casual, pub-like dining rooms. And not to worry, bar stools also come with a friendly footrest for your shorter friends.

  • ber height dining table

Determine the Size of Your Space

Ok, so you love entertaining and know you want to seat eight people, but can your dining room handle that crowd? Take just a few measurements first to determine what dining table dimensions your dining space will allow.

  1. Measure the width and length of your dining room.
  2. Subtract 6 feet from both measurements. This allows for a 3-foot clearance for walking around all sides of the table.
  3. If you have additional furniture in the room, subtract their measurements from the width and height as well (depending on the location of the piece).
  4. The result is the measurements of the largest dining table you can accommodate.

Adjustable Table Options

So, you love your dining table that seats six, but occasionally you need room for more? Many dining tables come with a leaf that extends the length of your table. Most often, this extends a table that seats six into a table that seats eight.

But on the flip side, you might be looking for a table that can fold down into something smaller for the day-to-day. You might want to look for a drop leaf table or a gate table. These options allow the sides of the table to fold down, saving you space.

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