16 Bonus Room Ideas for Your Home

Bonus Room Ideas

So, you have this bonus space. Now what? Oftentimes, people will use this space as storage and don’t think about it existing as any other space. But there are plenty of great bonus room ideas out there to take that area from storage space to your favorite room in the house!

What Is a Bonus Room?

A bonus room is an addition to a house that doesn’t meet local building code for a traditional room. The space doesn’t count as a room on your property taxes, so it can offer bonus square footage without the cost. Typically, bonus rooms don’t have a closet, might not have a door, windows or all four walls. Sometimes the ceiling is lower than standard, as well. These spaces are usually found in an attic, above the garage or in other forgotten spaces of the house.

Home Office

A bonus room is a great space for a home office because it’s usually tucked away from normal living space. It’s perfect for having a quiet area to get work done. Add a small desk, good lighting and a computer and you’re set.

Homework Space

A homework space is also a great bonus room idea because like the home office, it’s a separate area to focus on getting work done. The binders and textbooks stay in one room instead of thrown across the counter and the kids have a quiet area to focus. Add a small writing desk, an ottoman or pouf and a desk chair and your bonus room furniture for this space is taken care of.

Lounge Space

If you need a little getaway space, an awesome bonus room idea is to make a lounge space. With bonus room furniture like an oversized sofa or sectional, a TV and some blankets, this could turn into your favorite reading or napping spot.

Teen Hangout

Your teens will thank you for this one. We all know that teenagers don’t love hanging out near the parents when they have friends around. Give them a space they can call their own. Bonus room furniture is easy for this idea. Add a comfy sofa, TV, gaming system, charging outlets and snack station and they’ll spend hours in this space. It’s a win/win because you get a break too.

Play Room

For the little ones, a play room is a great bonus room idea to utilize. It’s a space where they can play that’s not directly in the living room underneath your feet and you can throw all the toys in one spot. It’s easy to keep the rest of the house clean and the kiddos can play away.

Guest Room

You can never go wrong with a spare room for guests. This bonus room idea works because if you ever need a spare bed for guests staying over, you have a spot that’s better than the couch or an air mattress.

Movie Room

If you don’t want to go all out and spend a lot of dough on a full theater, use your bonus space as a movie room. All you need are some recliners or a big, comfy sectional and an inexpensive projector and boom, you have yourself a movie room.

Game Room

Want a space for poker night? Pool? For the kids to stop taking up the living room TV with their Xbox? Make your bonus room a game room. Add bonus room furniture like a poker table, pub table and a sofa to create a casual, fun atmosphere.

Home Bar

Who says you can’t use your bonus room as a home bar? If you have an awesome collection of wine glasses or you’re a whiskey connoisseur, this bonus room idea works perfectly for you! Grab a home bar, some bar stools and throw in a TV to catch the big game. Don’t forget some shelving for extra storage space. You’ll have the perfect entertaining spot for all your friends and family.

Music Room

Whether it’s piano, drums, guitar or saxophone, a music room is a great bonus space for those who love to play an instrument. It keeps some of the noise level down when practicing and you have an area to store all the instruments and music sheets.

Yoga Studio

If you’re a yoga junkie, your bonus room could become your own little oasis. Bonus rooms don’t always have prime lighting which make them great for softly lit activities like yoga. The quiet space will let you really relax and center yourself. Just grab your yoga mat, some diffusers and a speaker for your favorite yoga playlist and you’re set.

Home Gym

A home gym is a good option financially if you pay for a gym membership. Save yourself some money and make your bonus room into a gym so you can work out right at home. Your space doesn’t have to be huge to incorporate the essentials. You just need some dumbbells, cardio equipment, like a treadmill, and some resistance bands and you can create a lot of workouts. Add a mirror and fan to keep the space cool and you have your own gym!

Breakfast Nook

Grab a small drop leaf table, a couple chairs or a bench seating area, and you have your own little cozy breakfast nook. You’ll look forward to waking up and enjoying a cup of coffee in this bonus room every morning.


If you have a large book collection or love to read, a library might be the perfect bonus room for you. Add shelving or bookcases to display all your books, grab a couple comfy chairs or chaise lounges to curl up in and a rug to tie the room together. You’ve got your own personal library!

Craft Room

If you’re an arts and crafts kind of person, this room might be the perfect way to use up that bonus space. This bonus room idea is perfect to keep all your crafting supplies organized while giving you a place to work. Hang your paper rolls up on the wall, create storage space with shelving and organizers and get a table to make a spacious crafting surface. You’ll love having everything in one place and all the room you need to create.

Walk-In Closet

Are your clothes and shoes taking over your closet? Utilize your bonus room as an extra walk-in closet to organize clothing, shoes and accessories for easier access. Your bonus room furniture can simply be a couple of dressers, a shoe rack, some shelving, wooden rods for hanging clothes and an ottoman or pouf. You’ll have the walk-in closet of your dreams with minimal effort to create it!

Deciding what your bonus room should be is entirely up to you and what works best for your life. Stop and think about what you really need most to organize your space. If you’re constantly tripping over dumbbells or really need a spot for the kids to play Xbox elsewhere, the bonus room is a great option to use up extra space in a smart way. Plus, it will easily become your favorite room in the house!

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