8 Indoor Kids Activities to Keep Your Little Ones Occupied

Indoor Activities for Kids

Whether it’s dangerously hot, below freezing or storming outside, having your kids stuck inside can take a toll on everyone’s sanity. To keep the kiddos occupied and free up your schedule, give them a fun new game or craft that will have their attention for hours. From pillow forts to indoor hopscotch, it takes some creativity to come up with new games on the fly. So, to alleviate all of you hardworking parents (and grandparents) out there, we’ve created a list of indoor kids’ activities that will have your little ones jumping for joy!

Dot-to-Dot coloring pages

You may remember the sweet satisfaction of connecting the dots to create an unknown shape or image. Share this memory with your kids! With the internet at your disposal, you can keep printing out dot-to-dot pages in a matter of seconds. Are you artistically gifted? Try creating your own dot-to-dot pages, like outlining your child’s name or favorite animal.

Bake a mug cake

Baking a real cake can end up being more work than play. Keep it simple by whipping up a basic mug cake. Mug cakes are flash baked in the microwave and only use a few ingredients. Your child will love the uniqueness of having a personal-sized cake that’s made just for them! Plus, it’s an indoor activity that doubles as a snack!

Make DIY bird feeders

This DIY craft will turn interactive when the kids get to bird watch from the windows afterward. You’ll need pine cones, peanut butter, popsicle sticks, birdseed and string. Let your child have fun being messy and lightly coat the pine cones in peanut butter using a popsicle stick. Roll the coated pine cones in the birdseed and then use the string to hang the pine cones in a nearby tree.

Shaving cream art

There’s nothing like the wonder of shaving cream as a kid. It’s a consistency that most kids have never experienced before. Lay some plastic wrap across the kitchen table, spray a glob of shaving cream and let your kids draw pictures in the foam. But be careful with this activity, as some smaller kids might try to put it in their mouths. Double-check that it’s age-appropriate and that the kids understand the shaving cream isn’t edible.

Touch-and-feel box

The set-up for this game is simple and it’ll have your kids giggling! Get an old shoebox and cut a hole in the side that your child’s hand will fit into. Then, without your child watching, choose a random item or toy in the house and put it into the box with the lid on. Have your child put their hand into the box and use their senses to guess what item is inside. Once they have the hang of it, switch roles and let your child chose an item for you to guess about! Your kid will love the mystery element of this indoor activity.

Indoor hopscotch

This outdoor game is a hit during recess. Bring the fun indoors by taping the boxes onto your floor. Use painter’s tape for easy cleanup. Use a beanbag to toss onto the squares and the rest of the game is standard hopscotch rules! Pro Tip: Painters tape can be used in other ways to keep the kids busy, like making a road for toy cars!

Exercise videos

As a parent, you might sacrifice some of your workout regime to spend time with your kids. But kids need exercise too! There are great workout options online that specialize in parents working out with their kids. You’ll find tons of yoga, Pilates and strength-training workouts that are great for you and will keep your kids entertained!

Build a pillow fort

A pillow fort has the potential to keep your kids occupied for days. Pillow forts spark imagination and generate creativity. While helping your kids secure their blankets and pillows, allow them to help design their fort and make it unique. Dining room chairs and sofa cushions are great starting blocks for building a durable pillow fort.

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