8 Studio Apartment Décor Tips You Need to Know

Studio Apartment Tips

So, you live in a studio apartment. You may love it, you may hate it, but either way, you’re living in it. Getting studio apartment furniture just right can be challenging. Each furniture piece must be perfectly chosen for everything to flow. But don’t stress! Designing a studio apartment layout that works is easier than you think. Follow these tips and before you know it, you’ll be dreaming about studio apartment décor.

1. Make it YOU

Studio apartment furniture is not dorm furniture. You don’t have to settle for a bare living space just because you’re in a small apartment. Bring in your personality. This is the most important tip we could give you. Don’t sacrifice your style to accommodate the tiny space. Studio apartment décor is all about one thing: YOU!

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2. Don’t sacrifice the essentials

Trust us, there is a way to get your office essentials, bedroom furniture and living room favorites all into one room. Can’t find the space for a media console? Mount your TV above your desk and save floor space. If you’re struggling to find a place for your sofa, position your bed across from the TV and load up on pillows. A laptop stand is a great way to work at your computer without the bulkiness of a desk. If your bed takes up too much space, consider a sofa bed or a daybed. Your studio apartment layout can have everything you want and more!

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3. Divide and conquer

…your room, of course! Room dividers are a great way to conceal your bedroom space. This is a great studio apartment décor tip for all of you messy guys and gals out there. By splitting the space into two rooms, it gives you the privacy you need without a big price tag. Bookshelves are great if you’re looking for a little bit of additional storage. Or, if you’re looking to wow, hang some vibrant linen curtains to create the divide. It also looks stylish to hang a thin, woven rug between the two spaces.

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4. Smart storage

One word… Shelves. They can be such a pain to hang straight and mount to your wall. But when you start to run out of floor space, think wall space! Studio apartment décor is all about taking advantage of every nook of your home. Built-in bookshelves are awesome, but if you don’t have them you can recreate the look with tall bookcases lined side-by-side. And if you have open storage, don’t forget to throw a few trendy décor pieces onto it – storage doesn’t have to be all about utility!

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5. A small sitting area will change the game

While you’re trying to get your bed, desk and sofa all into about 450 square feet, save space for a small sitting area. This area of a studio is often overlooked, but this minor detail gives you an escape from the overwhelmingness that sometimes comes with living in small spaces. It’s a place to escape and feel calm. The design is as simple as a comfy chair, side table and good lighting. This sitting area will feel like a room within your room. Plus, it barely takes any space away from your studio apartment layout.

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6. Make your bed a statement

Chances are when you walk into your studio, your bed is going to be one of the first things you and your guests see. It’s also probably the largest piece of furniture in your home. So, feature it! Splurge a little on your bedding and dress it up like it’s your favorite place in your room (because chances are, it is). Get accents pillows, a throw and pick a color scheme that screams your personality. Have fun with it. And don’t forget to make your bed every day. It’ll make a huge difference!

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7. Hang your cookware

This one is for your teeny tiny kitchen. This is key to keeping your kitchen organized. Hang up your pretty pots and pans and keep your storage space to less attractive food packaging and containers. You could even invest in a colored set that matches the rest of your apartment!

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8. Keep your bathroom simple

This may seem obvious, but don’t overcrowd your bathroom with unnecessary décor and shelving. Studio apartment bathrooms are small and compact. Keep the design simple with a bright shower curtain that will make the space feel open and a few small art pieces on the wall. If you’re looking for additional storage for medicines and hair products, look to storage space outside of the bathroom rather than crowding your countertop.

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