Commonly Asked Furniture Questions at Homemakers

Most Common Furniture Questions

Furniture shopping can be a lot of fun! Picking out new furniture is exciting, and you get to create a whole new space in your home. But sometimes you have questions about furniture, and we get it, it’s an investment. You want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you expect. We worked with our sales team to figure out what the most commonly asked furniture questions are from our customers. We put together a list of answers to help you feel confident in your purchases.

What's the difference between Good, Better and Best?

Our Good, Better, Best program makes it easy for customers to find furniture within their budget without sacrificing style. Good is affordable furniture for those looking for an economical solution. Better is moderately priced with solid functionality and everyday dependability. You’ll enjoy a higher degree of fabrication as well. Best is our high-quality furnishings that feature top-of-the-line luxury with premium features and materials. This furniture has exceptional craftsmanship.

Will my living room look okay if I mix different arm styles, heights and colors on my furniture?

This all depends on your style and taste. Your home should reflect your personality, so mix and match or make it cohesive. You get to be the designer of your home.

Is there formaldehyde in this fabric?

It depends on the product. This is handled on a specific basis.

Will my fabric pill?

All fabrics pill to some extent, but some fibers pill less than others. Linen and silk, for example, will pill less. Fibers like wool, cotton, polyester, nylon and acrylic typically pill the most. Wool pilling decreases over time because the fibers work themselves free of the fabric. Synthetic materials don’t break off as easily, so the pilling is worse. Pilling comes down to the environment the fabric is in, the way the fabric was processed and the habits of the person using that furniture.

Can I get power instead of manual and vice versa on reclining furniture?

This depends on the company and the group of furniture. There’s no set answer on this, so it’s best to consult with a sales member to see if this option is available for a reclining piece you like.

What causes fabrics to be different grades?

There are a handful of factors that influence the grade. Performance expectations – whether the fabric is durable under different types of use, the complexity of the weave, type of fiber, construction of fiber and thread count; play into the grade. A pattern woven into a fabric is more durable than one printed on the material. Some fibers are rarer, tougher or easier to clean than others, which can affect the grade. The location of the mills; domestic or foreign, impact it as well. The higher the grade of fabric doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting a better product.

What makes a fabric a performance fabric?

“Performance fabric” refers to any specialty fabrics that are designed to specifically withstand wear and tear while being simple to clean. They’re ideal for indoor and outdoor furniture because of their longevity. Typical traits of performance fabrics are water resistance, stain resistance, mold and mildew resistance, durability and antimicrobial traits. Most commonly, olefin, acrylic, nylon, polypropylene and polyester are used for performance fabrics.

What is the best fabric material for wearing, staining, kids and pets?

Sofas for everyday use need durable fabric, such as cotton or linen. However, these fabrics get loose weaves that can snag and stain easily. Polyester or Polypropylene are other great options because these engineered fabrics stand up to kids and pets. Polypropylene is made from recycled milk jugs and is dyed in its liquid form.

What is the worst fabric material for wearing, staining, kids and pets?

Fabrics to avoid include silk, rayon and rayon-polyester blends. These are not easy to clean and not as durable for kids and pets.

What is the difference between bonded and top grain leather?

Bonded leather is made by taking pieces of leather and adhering them to a material. This cuts costs, making the furniture piece budget-friendly because it’s less total leather being used. Top grain leather is made from the top or outermost layer of cowhide. The natural grain from the surface has been sanded away, removing imperfections and blemishes. It retains the strong and durable nature of the leather and creates a 100% leather furniture piece.

What is vinyl?

Vinyl is a synthetic version of leather. It can be made to look like leather, which offers a non-animal alternative. It’s also budget-friendly.

Why don't you Scotchguard your furniture?

We now use the Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan, which we believe is safer. It’s an in-home service for cleaning and repairs beyond regular wear and tear.

What do I use to clean my furniture?

We have a line of Guardsman Furniture products to keep your furniture clean and looking new. We offer fabric defense protector, touch-up markers, wood filler sticks and clean and polish spray for sale at our store to clean your furniture without voiding your warranty.

What guarantees do you have?

The Homemakers Low Price Guarantee states that within 30 days of your Homemakers purchase, if you find the exact same merchandise advertised or displayed for less at a local authorized Iowa dealer, bring in written proof and we will issue you an in-store credit for 110% of the price difference. This guarantee doesn’t apply to special financing, bonus offers, rebates, limited quantity offers, clearance, closeout or out-of-the-box merchandise, custom orders, internet retailers, e-retailers, accessories or lamps.

Our 120 Night Comfort Guarantee is valid on all mattresses where a Homemakers mattress protector/pad is purchased. Within 120 days of receiving your mattress, you may do a one-time reselection with a $69.99 restocking fee.

The Sale Price Guarantee states that if the merchandise you purchased is placed on sale within 30 days of your purchase, we will honor the sale price by issuing an in-store credit for the price difference.

Can you remove my old furniture?

We do not provide this service. We will, however, remove your old mattress and box spring if we are delivering a new set for a small fee.

How long will a special order take to come in?

It depends on the company the order is coming from. It can range from three to four weeks up to eight weeks or longer. Turnover times vary from company to company.

How do you deliver and how long will it take?

We have several shipping options available. We offer standard ground shipping, express shipping, in-home delivery and driveaway delivery. Every item on our site has an estimated availability date. This date is when the item is expected to be available to be shipped. If it’s in stock in our warehouse, it will ship on the delivery date you have scheduled. If it’s not in stock, we will schedule a shipment of your items based on the expected availability date. Free express shipping is offered in the state of Iowa for any order over $499. For any order less than $499, an additional fee is applied. Items with free express shipping will ship promptly after your purchase, as long as they’re in stock.

The best way to get any of your other furniture questions or concerns answered is to contact our store or come in to talk with a sales specialist. Our staff is very knowledgeable and here to help you!

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